5 ways to keep the reputation of a decent tourist

5 ways to keep the reputation of a decent tourist

Tourists bring with them to another country and its culture. However, not all of their habits will be accepted with approval. To keep the peace of mind, do not get into trouble and avoid accusations of crimes, you can use the publication Travel + Leisure tips about how to behave on vacation. So, 7 of the rules decent tourist:

1. Do not disturb the local fauna. It is better to be an observer, not a participant in the events occurring in the world of wildlife. And no selfie with animals – it can be dangerous. Recently, the US National Park Yellowstone wild bison has crippled woman, who wished to make a picture with him.

2. Selfie stick better to leave the house, because it is not just a handy tool, but also a source of problems. Device easily damage some valuable exhibit in the museum (and many of these institutions have already used zaprtili Selfie stick on its territory). Of course, sometimes, break the rules, you can get a unique picture, if you do not get caught in the act and not be fined, as the hapless tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge. Howeverthank to Instagram hardly justify such sacrifices.

3. Even in the heat is not necessary to undress – it might offend someone. It is better to choose clothes poprostornee from natural materials, which will be transported easier stuffiness. Fashion for the “naked” pictures too fraught with troubles. During the exposure of the locals can show tourists even absurd charges, as happened in Malaysia, where the tourists were photographed naked on top of a mountain. A few days later there was an earthquake, and indigenous people decided that nudists “angered the mountain.” A group of tourists for posing naked at the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, was arrested immediately.

4. Do not touch the works of art and, especially, to hug them or climb them. Sometimes troubles do occur. Last year, 12-year-old boy fell on the picture of the value of US $ 1.5 million in the museum.

5. Such a radio-controlled devices is now fashionable – drones – also began to prohibit the attractions area, especially after suffered from quadrocopters Duomo in Milan. Instead of having to lug around a bulky drone, it is better to take advantage of all the features pictures and videos with your smartphone.

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