A tourist 19 days lived on a desert island

A tourist 19 days lived on a desert island

Japanese tourist Reikko Hori, who suffers from a mild form of social phobia, chosen holiday destination deserted island and refused to leave time to all amenities. 19 days to 22-year-old girl alone held on the Indonesian island of Amparo, changed her life.

Japanese woman turned into one of the travel agencies offering tours to uninhabited islands. Rejecting all the options with comfortable villas, she chose a completely “wild” holiday, and landed on the island, taking only some jeans, a magnifying glass and a spear gun. She refused to take along drinking water and even a machete.

In the history of the tour operator Reykko was the first woman, decides to like. Besides, she did not have any special training to survive in such wild conditions, so the first time it issued a hedging specialists, ready to help. Soon, they were convinced that the girl alone to cope with the difficulties and left the island. However, for security reasons, a 40-minute walk from the parking lot brave tourists was a camp guard.

The first time Reykko Hori slept on the ground, surprising observers complete lack of fear of the dangers of the jungle. Traveler remembers that she was very disturbed insects, rain and the sound of waves. On the fifth day of vacation Reykko was in despair from malnutrition and discomfort. However, she soon learned to make fire with a magnifying glass, fish and climb the palm trees for coconuts.

Upon returning from their “wild” holiday, a Japanese woman said: “I realized that the world without people – not a place where I wanted to live I learned that to communicate with other people, you can not only suffering, but also to be happy. Of course, now I want to be in society.” According to her, Reykko learned to appreciate the convenience, which previously did not give the value: the ability to sleep in a bed, take a shower and use electricity.

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