Аlbena resort Вulgaria

Аlbena resort Вulgaria

The most attractive beach resort of Albena Bulgaria considered. This is a young resort town, built in the second half of the last century in order to attract foreign tourists to the white sands of the Black Sea coast.

Albena Originally planned as a continuation of the neighboring municipality of Balchik, but later it became an independent administrative unit with the developed infrastructure.

Hallmark Resort has become a tourist complex “Dobrogea” – the first and largest of the hotels built here. As the popularity of the resort of Albena growth it continued to build new hotels, the number of which was for more than forty decades. These include health and prevention systems.

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The resort is now able to accommodate up to 15,000 vacationers at the same time, but in spite of such a number, here maintained perfect cleanliness and order, environmental services continuously monitor the state of the aquatic environment, beaches and surrounding areas. With this Albena control is included in the list of environmentally-friendly resorts.

In Albena wonderful warm maritime climate, the beautiful Black Sea with a smooth sandy bottom, white beaches and golden sands stretch for 7 kilometers along the coast, its width is 150 meters. The air temperature in summer reaches an average of 29-33 degrees, but the heat is mitigated by the fresh sea air, spring and autumn – 15-25 degrees.

Vacationers here can find a variety of entertainment for my taste – water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, boating, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, horseback riding, a large number of excursions. It features an adult audience a variety of restaurants, night disco-bar, a casino and a variety show.

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In the recreation center there are 4 indoor swimming pools and 26 open, seven soccer fields, a huge sports complex, where you can select one of a class of forty-seven sports, two equestrian arena, two dozen tennis courts, acting parachute school.

The beaches in rental can take any water equipment – from diving and surf-boards to the yacht.

Every year in Albena conduct tournaments for sports games, regattas, festivals of song and dance.

Do not forget here about the children’s entertainment – Luna and aqua-park rides, computer clubs and discos for the children will come to taste a little tour.

The resort is becoming increasingly popular and more from the fact that there are no poisonous or predatory animals live in the sea is not dangerous to health and life of creatures, in contrast to the many well-known resorts on the shores of the oceans. During a stay at the beach here you will not get money.

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Many people come to Albena improve their health. For these purposes, there are built the whole medical systems, using mainly natural and climatic agents and dignity resort – mineral, herbal, salt and sea baths and showers, massages, acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Treat here posttraumatic syndromes, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic disorders, skin diseases.

Albena is gaining momentum, for a comfortable stay of tourists taken the broadest measures every year. Service, transport, shops and places of entertainment – everything here is focused on the fact that the people who came spent their holidays qualitatively and always come back here again.

Аlbena resort Вulgaria
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Date Published: 05/25/2016

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