Anomalous cold came to Europe

Anomalous cold came to Europe

Tourists who went to Europe for the New Year holidays, disappointed because of the unprecedented cold weather it is impossible to take long walks and carefully sightseeing. The victims of the cold in Italy and Poland have become 17 persons.

Cold air came to Central Europe and the Mediterranean from Scandinavia. And if cold surprise nobody in Finland and Sweden, the tourists have to stay in hotels in sunny Croatia and neighboring Montenegro – subzero temperatures combined with strong winds and high humidity on the coast makes walking almost impossible. Hurricane rides through the streets of not only the trash cans, but small cars and central heating in the Mediterranean region, almost none.

There are reports of frozen fountains in Rome, on the snow drifts and paralyze traffic on the highways of Italy. In the north of Spain, the air temperature dropped to -7. In Germany – the problem on the roads because of ice, reports Deutsche Welle. The authorities of a number of land turned to residents asking them not to use cars. Istanbul has dropped to 40 centimeters of snow, and in some regions of Turkey drifts reaching meter height. Accompanied by a blizzard unprecedented in these parts frost.

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