Apps that allow tourists to earn

Apps that allow tourists to earn

Going on a trip, tourists are usually ready to considerable spending. However, now there are services that allow them to save or even make money on your trip. This is the so-called crowdshipping – Transport of small parcels or documents between cities and even countries.

Tourists who agree to take with a small package, as a fee for the service can get a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, a tour, an overnight stay or cash – it all depends on personal agreement. Thus, travelers can offset part of the cost of the trip, just providing a service.

Crowdshipping services offer all interested to register and apply for – or to send parcels or its transportation. The most famous of them – There? There !,, Titimiti and recently launched Getberry. The last two have their own mobile apps.

Of course, before you agree to carry anything, tourists need to familiarize themselves with the contents of the package or box, to make sure that he did not offer to smuggle something illegal.

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