At Tampere will host a festival of heavy music

At Tampere will host a festival of heavy music

June 17-18 in the Finnish city of Tampere will take a truly “high-profile” event – the festival of heavy music Tampere Metal Meeting. Concerts will take place outdoors in the park Ratinanniemi. The festival will last two days.

On Friday, the group will perform popular Insomnium, Moonsorrow, Demilich, Omnium Gatherum and other Finnish metallers. On Saturday, the team will play the legendary Forever One lyrics Sentenced group, perform Barathrum, Finntroll and Kalmah, and headliner declared Swedish band Tiamat. Visiting one day of the festival is worth 44.5 euros, two days – 72 euros. The festival has an age limit – 18 years.

In the evenings, the clubs will be held in Tampere after-party, where the Finnish bands will perform cover versions of songs such legendary bands like King Diamond and Judas Priest. The full program of daytime and evening concerts in the coming days will appear on the festival website.

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