Authorities will save Paris from the Eiffel Tower queues

Authorities will save Paris from the Eiffel Tower queues

City of Paris intends to significantly increase funding for the most important attractions of the French capital – the Eiffel Tower. From now on, every year in the maintenance and modernization of this facility will invest 20 million euros (now the funding does not exceed 13.7 million euros per year) – only for a project to improve the Eiffel Tower will allocate 300 million euros.

This money will be used to repair a monument of architecture, a new lighting system, upgrade the second level of the tower and the elevators, but the main thing – to expand the areas of visitor reception and management of flow during peak hours to reduce the huge queues.

Each year, the Eiffel Tower is visited by about 7 million tourists. The company’s staff, serving the construction, periodically announces strike because of dissatisfaction with working conditions.

According to The Local, the modernization of the Eiffel Tower, the authorities take action in the light of the upcoming Olympics in 2024, the right to hold that Paris hopes to win, as well as the World Expo 2025, which will be held in the French capital.

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