Baikal lake

Baikal lake

The deepest lake in the world Baikal is considered, and still it is called blue heart of Siberia. Average depth of Baikal of 730 m in the smallest sites, and its maximum depth makes 1620 meters. The surprising fact that the lake shallows, but its bottom falls, and it is inherent only in oceans. According to experts, to Baikal 25 million years, there are legends of its alien origin because of unusually equal outlines seen from space. Ten percent from world reserves of water are stored in Baikal, and 336 rivers feed it.

beauty of Baikal

About 1800 types of representatives of flora and fauna, that is animals and plants live in this mysterious lake. Only about 100 species of fish live in the abyss of Baikal. The lake has the half moon form, and its water surprises with the purity which remained in our ecologically polluted time. Baikal is almost in the middle of Eurasia, and in length occupies 636 kilometers, and in width whole 80. The surprising fact is also that Baikal on the area is equal to Belgium, that is these are about 31470 square kilometers. The lake is surrounded with ridges as it is located in mountain area where 10 million population live, the set of the cities and industrial centers, and also routes and railway tracks is built.

Healing water of Baikal

Nearly a half of water to Lake Baikal is brought by the river Selenga, and only one river under the name Angara follows from it. If to present that Angara should drain the lake, having taken away from it all water, then about 400 years would be required, but at the same time waters of any other rivers should not get to Baikal. Huge this wonder of the world is such. On Baikal there are 30 islands, the largest of which Olkhon is considered.

rest on Baikal

Water of Lake Baikal transparent, pure and oxygenated. Everything that is brought by the rivers, the microorganisms living here therefore it becomes unusually pure, mineralized and almost distilled clear. In ancient times this water was considered curative and quite capable to cure some diseases. In the spring on 40 meters water of Baikal keeps the transparency, be the lake a little more small, it would be possible to see the amazing underwater world, only boating on its smooth surface.

Legends of Lake Baikal

The lake, islands and mountains in this district are fanned by legends and secrets. The sacred mountain Ekhe Yorda or Yord near the settlement of Elantsa is a barrow in the form of a dome which towers on 40 meters over water. Its outlines are so correct that they seem man-made. The barrow is difficult from huge plates which people just could not bring to Baikal. And it would be difficult to lay such plates one on another without special equipment.

Baikal against greens

For a long time here pilgrims came from all Cis-Baikal and arranged ceremonial round dances around the mountain. To one thousand people could take part in such dances, but if there were not enough people to close a circle around a barrow, the holiday was considered as cancelled. Shamans for carrying out rituals rose by Yord’s top. And also the legend of extremely rich inhabitant of this district by the name of Daly who covered all surface of the mountain with skins of white lambs just before a ritual round dance near Lake Baikal goes.

Tourists on Baikal

Baikal in the winter

On Baikal tourism is developed for a long time. There come climbers, fans of secrets and riddles of the nature, and also just wishing to have a rest among mountains and the fine nature, to feel curative power of water. On the lake there is an opportunity to dive, fish, drive on kvadro-and a hydrocycle. Very seriously on Baikal trace poachers as in the lake there is a set of unique species of fish which cannot be caught in large quantities. Here numerous hotels are constructed, the good traffic intersection gives the chance to reach any city and the ski slope.

In Cis-Baikal it is possible to drive on snowboards and mountain skiing on slopes of mountains, mad Russians have even an opportunity to organize round under the name “alloy on an ice floe”. Every year tourism in this district develops more and more therefore it is possible to tell with confidence that a lot more years people will solve secrets of Baikal and to adjoin to mystical aura of this lake.

Baikal lake
The storming rivers cannot surpass improbable transparency of water of Baikal that flow into it. On 40 meters in the spring water appears through as crystal. On the square Lake Baikal this deepest lake is equal to Belgium in the world whose bottom is on more than 1600 kilometers under thickness of water.
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Date Published: 04/07/2016

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