Bali Resorts

Bali Resorts

The island, which belongs to Indonesia and is located in the Malay Archipelago in the Indian Ocean – is Bali. The island is reclaimed tourist area and very popular resort for many years. Its mild climate makes it possible to visit the island year round. There are a lot of visitors from Japan and Australia, there are lined up luxury hotels, almost every Russian travel agency offers tours to Bali resorts.

Nusa Dua – Bali Resort

One of the most famous resorts in Bali Nusa Dua is considered. It is located in the south of Bali and it takes most of the Bukit plateau. Along the wonderful tropical gardens and sandy beaches stretches an elite tourist complex. Here it is located more than ten five-star hotels. Each of them covers a large area with its beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts, parking lots. The luxury Bali resort seems too fanciful only because it resembles an oasis in the desert, as is the resort of Bali no villages or markets.

Nusa Dua Beach The real life of local residents observed a little further away from the resort of Bali. To the north of Nusa Dua is a fishing village of Tanjung Benoa. This sandy village like a finger, when viewed from above. There have already built hotels for travelers, organize water activities. The village is much cheaper than you can buy equipment for water sports than in Bali Nusa Dua. In contrast to the resort, where there is more acceptable beach relaxing stay in Benoa is the main base of fishing expeditions.

Palm trees in Nusa Dua C September to March here in Bali, opened the surf season. Each hotel has a schedule of the tides to vacationers could choose the most suitable time for swimming and riding the surf. During low tide, the sea recedes hundreds of meters and it is necessary to consider at leisure on the beach. The resort has a golf club Bali Golf and Country Club, which offers a vast field for the game, on the field, there are 18 holes.

Jimbaran – Bali Resort

Another resort in Bali is Jimbaran. In fact, this small village, which is located south of the airport, which subsequently became one of the famous Indonesian resort. Here there are secluded beaches and rocky slopes of the mountains, a great climate and nature, organized everything for a luxurious holiday and built plenty of hotels to suit all tastes. In the center of the village is the ancient temple, which nestles under the big sacred tree. At the crossroads in the center of the village you can visit the huge market of fruits and vegetables.

Jimbaran resort Each of the hotels of the resort of Bali has its own territory, where all the conditions for a perfect holiday. With many hotels rooms can be seen the Indian Ocean, near the area of each of them gently down to the beach. In some coastal areas were built luxury villas. Tourists can enjoy the sunset and the sunrise on the bay of Jimbaran Bay. On the shore of the ocean is a seafood restaurant. Coral reefs are pleasing to the eye, and surfing would be the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports.

Kuta-Legian-Seminyak – Bali Resort

Another resort in Bali is considered to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak. This resort will be the most suitable for young people. He is the most noisy and one of the most developed resorts in Bali. The resort is close to Denpasar, it continues to develop and build up, starting from its very center in the south-west. There are built hotels, clubs, restaurants, there are fashion boutiques and souvenir shops. Before and Kuta and Legian, Seminyak and were separate villages. They were joined by building a big resort town.

Kuta Legian Seminyak The main street of the resort of Bali Legian called Yalan, it stretches from north to south. One of the most bustling parts of the resort – it is Kuta. The resort of Bali life boils “in full”, there are many luxury hotels. Here and on the beach is always a lot of people, but also opportunities to learn how to surf the mass, as it is here is the center of Bali’s surfing resort. On the beach Tuban atmosphere relaxed, it goes smoothly Kuta. The resort would be useful to rent a vehicle, as it is extensive enough, and if one part of it has many good restaurants, the other part of your hotel can be.

Bali Resorts
Bali - a few famous ocean resorts on every budget. There will find a beach lover's paradise relaxing holiday, as well as supporter of outdoor activities, water sports, fishing and surfing
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Date Published: 03/17/2016

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