Belgrade Attractions

B e l g r a d

In this article we have made a selection of the best tourist places and sights of Belgrade. So now you can properly plan your tour of the capital of Serbia.

Cathedral of Saint Sava. Belgrade attraction Memorial Church of Saint Sava

The church is designed in accordance with the traditions of the Serbian medieval architecture in 1926, but the main building and external works were completed only in 2003. Sights impresses with its size and majestic simplicity. Byzantine motifs and traditional Serbian rigor created a unique design of the Church of St. Sava, which fascinates tourists from all over the world.

Belgrade Fortress – the main sights

Powerful millennial castle is a major historical and cultural heritage of Belgrade. On top of a hill at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers is a legendary Belgrade Fortress – a place famous battles and great victories, the place where the written history of the country and built architectural masterpieces. The monument itself is divided into Upper Town (castle ruins and Byzantine buildings) and Lower Town (churches, towers, artillery strengthening). This is a real city within a city, which has survived more than 2,300 years of history, it has been destroyed 44 times, but still managed to keep the memory for future generations!

Knez Mihailova Street. Belgrade

Knez Mihailova Street. Belgrade attraction

Knez Mihailova Street is also the oldest in the city and used a further 2 thousand. years ago during the Roman rule. Best of all there are monuments and architectural works of the late XIX century. Just walk along the streets and enjoy the old galleries, bookstores, cafes and monuments of the ancient city. In addition, this place has traditionally been the starting point of any tour, so it costs you nothing to join any group and learn the history of the central streets of Belgrade.

National Theatre

Republic Square – one of the most popular meeting of advanced and modern Serbia. Here are just two famous Belgrade buildings: the National Theatre and the monument to Prince Mihailo Obrenovic. In the theater often hosts the premiere of the ballet, drama and opera, and Prince Michael crowds gather to take pictures and learn the heroic story of the Serbian ruler.

Ada Ciganlija – the best leisure and entertainment

Ada Ciganlija – a peninsula on the Sava River, which turned modern recreational infrastructure. The main sights are the pros: the location near the center of Belgrade, unspoiled beaches and excellent sports facilities. Therefore it is not surprising that here comes more than 100 thousand. Tourists annually. Salubrious climate and properly designed artificial lake peninsula promote eco-tourism and recreation.

Ada Ciganlija. Belgrade attraction The most popular amateur competitions in rowing, diving, surfing and water polo. Travelers will appreciate the golf, soccer, baseball and volleyball courts and tennis courts. There is a place to roam and relax, gain strength and to look at life from the bright side of Ada Ciganlija!

Other sights in Belgrade

Parliament building – a monumental building in the classical style with Renaissance elements. After the construction in 1936, is housed governing bodies of Yugoslavia, and after 60 years – the Government of Serbia. To date, the Parliament building is one of the main objects of the cultural heritage of the country and is part of any tour of Belgrade.

    Old Palace – Landmark Belgrade

Or Old Royal Palace – one of the most striking and unusual monuments. It was built according to the canons of academic and adherence to external forms of classical architecture. Facade sights stands out against the background of the surrounding buildings, which gives it even more interest from tourists. It should be noted that the palace is one of the few members of his style and is included in the traditional tour of the city.

Belgrade Attractions
Today we see the sights of the beautiful European city of Belgrade. Also, we have compiled the best photos of Belgrade and the surrounding area in a photo album.
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Date Published: 03/22/2016

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