Between Tallinn and Helsinki launched new high-speed ferry

Between Tallinn and Helsinki launched new high-speed ferry

High-speed passenger ship Tallink Megastar ferry operator AS Tallink Grupp entered the Tallinn-Helsinki line. The new ferry has become the largest in the company – it is designed for 2800 passengers and 800 cars.

Daily Tallink Megastar will make up to six flights between the two capitals, the press service of the ferry operator. Journey time – 2 hours. On board besides the three traditional classes – the Star class, the Comfort Class with a separate lounge and a business class with an exclusive interior – for passengers, a separate sitting parlor free. On the ferry there are seven restaurants, cafes and bars. The largest shopping center on the Baltic Sea Traveller Superstore located on two decks and covers an area of ​​2885 square meters. The vessel also has a children’s playroom.

The two-level car deck enables loading and unloading of vehicles much faster. Another Megastar innovation for motorists became a garage for 150 cars with open access to the store Traveller Superstore during the entire trip.

Tallink Megastar has become the most modern and environmentally friendly ship in the Baltic Sea. As the ferry fuel uses liquefied natural gas. In addition, the fuel economy is significantly affected by the hull shape, which also reduces vibration and noise.

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