Centre Pompidou in Paris celebrates its 40th anniversary

Centre Pompidou in Paris celebrates its 40th anniversary

National Center of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou (Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou) in Paris celebrates 40th anniversary. The unique building, designed by architect Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, opened January 31, 1977 in one of the oldest districts in Paris – Beaubourg. At first, his design was subjected to ridicule – critics center resembled an oil refinery, but today without him not to present the French capital.

Salvador Dali’s work shows in 1979 and 2012 attracted a record number of Centre Pompidou visitors ─ 900 thousand and 790 thousand respectively. Quality exhibitions has allowed the center to become one of the most popular attractions of Paris. Now the center is a museum, library and research institute of music and art.

More than 3 million people visited the Pompidou Centre in the past year. In 2018, the center will be closed for a long renovation, so visitors should hurry to see it.

The building renovation will cost 100 million euros, which will last two years, writes the Guardian. But the facade of the building is planned to remain the same, only replace the escalators on the outer side.

In honor of the anniversary of the Pompidou Centre it is planned to increase the number of exhibitions, theater and dance performances throughout France, including the exhibition of works by Kandinsky in Grenoble, Joan Miró in Libourne and Henri Matisse in Lyon.

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