Dresden Attractions

Dresden Attractions

Along the winding river Elbe has grown a large tourist center of Dresden. However, few people believed in a future during the Second World War, when all the monuments, all the sights, and the entire old city was destroyed. But as time passed, the city rebuilt and developed throughout Germany.

Frauenkirche Church. Dresden

Frauenkirche Church

This attraction has a tragic story with a good ending. During the First World War, the main Protestant Germany temple was destroyed by air raids. So he stood in the ruins of more than 70 years! Only in 1993 began the reconstruction of the memo by voluntary donations. In 2005, the restoration was completed, and the inhabitants of Dresden again applaud the home once the main attraction.

Bruhl Terrace. Dresden

This famous monument has long been a favorite vacation spot of locals. Named in honor of the terrace Minister Heinrich von Br?hl – once the owner of these lands. Now there is a large community garden and lots of cozy caf?s. However, it was not always: until 1814 Br?hl’s Terrace was a defensive fortification of the town. In the heart of the attractions is the Academy of Arts of Saxony, which the townspeople dubbed the “Lemon pressure” due to its unusual shape. The architectural ensemble of Bruhl terrace is included in all standard city tours, so skip it you are unlikely to succeed.

Museum Gryuns Gevёlbe – landmark of Dresden

Photo Academy building

Museum Gryuns Gevёlbe, whose name means “Green Vault”, invites you to explore the treasures of the princely family of Wettin. At the moment, it is Europe’s largest collection of jewelery, in an arrangement that is more than 4,000 works of art! Most of the exhibits belong to the attractions of the Renaissance and Classicism periods are complex and made of gold, silver, precious stones, enamel, ivory, bronze and amber. Also here is the largest green diamond in the world. The main museum Gryuns Gevёlbe, in Dresden, you can see the most valuable and popular jewelry, while the rest are distributed in thematic collections of exhibits.

Zwinger Palace – the pearl of Dresden

Zwinger Palace is one of the best examples of architecture of the late Baroque Germany. Built between 1710 – 1728 years, the Zwinger was used for court festivities and various tournaments. Today, the baroque complex of pavilions, galleries and courtyards is home to first-class museums, including the Gallery of Old Masters, which is the legendary painting by Raphael “Sistine Madonna”.

Attraction Semper Opera – Romance in Dresden

If you want to spend an unforgettable evening with your partner, then you perfect Semper Opera. It is located in the best place at the Theater Square in Dresden. Today the attraction is one of the best musical theaters of the world! A huge number of stars and frequently sold out – it is quite common for patrons and ordinary lovers of opera.

Pfund Molkerei – store milk in Dresden

Pfund Molkerei - store milk in Dresden

Pfund Molkerei – is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most beautiful milk shop in the world. It was opened in 1880 Pfund brothers in the quarter Neustadt (Dresden). This unique attraction dairy decorated from floor to ceiling hand-painted porcelain Renaissance period! Here you will find not only great emotions, but also a delicious homemade cheese, homemade ice cream or a glass of fresh yogurt. You just have to see Pfund Molkerei milk shop in Dresden!

Princes Procession – an amazing attraction

Procession of Princes

Princes Procession – it is the largest mural in the world. It depicts a parade of Saxon princes and dukes in honor of the 1000 year rule of the Wettin dynasty. The length of the mural is 102 meters long and 9.5 meters wide. The panel consists of 25,000 tiles choice, Meissen porcelain. Procession of Princes covers other attractions Royal Mews stallhof. See it desirable at night when the lights turn on special mesmerizing.

Alternative holiday in Dresden

Dresden or the “Florence on the Elbe” in the world is famous for its architectural masterpieces, but few people know that the best way to explore the sights of a cruise on the Elbe! And if it’s retro steamer and “coffee-cruise”, while the magnificent scenery of the old Dresden and Saxony will seem even more beautiful. Be sure to register on the boat trip to your tour!

Dresden Attractions
In this article we offer you only interesting, but useful information about the sights of Dresden. During the First World War, the main Protestant Germany temple was destroyed by air raids. In this article we offer you only interesting, but useful information about the sights of Dresden.
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