Edinburgh Attractions

Edinburgh Attractions

Edinburgh – the second most visited city in Great Britain. Every year, here comes more than 13 million tourists from around the world. The convenient location of the city, rich in history and cultural heritage are the main trump card in attracting tourists. So let’s find out what the place attracts so many people and what attractions must-see on the tour.

Edinburgh Castle – the symbol of the city

Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh symbol

Edinburgh Castle – unquestioning tour leader and the main attraction of the Scottish capital. The legendary castle of the whole world famous for its heroic past. Thick stone walls, surrounded by ancient volcanic rocks, keep the spirit of medieval battles and the glory of the great victories since the 900 BC. Perhaps this is one of the few reminders of Edinburgh, without which it is impossible to imagine a country in its modern architectural appearance. Luxurious architectural forms of the castle decorated with shield of the Royal coat of arms and crown of Scotland.

Landmark is located on the top of a volcanic mountain, which is visible from all over Edinburgh. Historical summary states that the castle played a key role in the development of Scotland states. The main “snacks” for tourists are exciting ceremony of firing the gun, a beautiful panoramic view, inside the chapel of St. Margaret’s, “Stone of Destiny” and the majestic Great Hall.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

(RBGE) started its operations in 1670 and is the second oldest garden of the UK after Oxford. I designed a garden for the cultivation of medicinal plants near the Palace of Holyrood, but in the next years the garden has grown into a true center for the study of biodiversity. Royal Botanic Gardens – a perfect Edinburgh attraction to visit in the spring and summer, as well as the best cure for the noise and bustle of everyday city life of a big city.

Fringe Festival – Entertainment and Recreation in Edinburgh

“Fringe” – the largest arts festival in the world! It is held annually in August and lasts for 3 weeks. This is the best holiday destination for all music lovers, drama, film, dance and comedy. Few people know that Fringe has its origins in 1947, when it was necessary to renew the European cultural life after the devastation of World War II. Since the official program of performances were not, everyone took part and bring something of their own into the general repertoire.

Every year this festival also increasing your popularity and very soon it became a real attraction in Edinburgh. It is interesting to know that the absolute record of attendance and a large-scale celebration was staged in 2010. In total, it was shown in 2453 show featuring 21,148 performers and 40,254 unique performances! Simultaneously Fringe visited 2 million man!

Holyroodhouse Palace – Edinburgh attractions

Holyroodhouse Palace - Edinburgh attractions

Currently attraction Edinburgh Holyroodhouse Palace allows detail to meet personal apartments of the Scottish monarchy, as well as a glimpse into the most dramatic period of time when Holyroodhouse was the seat of murder and political intrigue related to the Queen Mary Stuart. Also the palace is famous for its lush gardens and a small caf? Royal. The actual exhibits, personal belongings monarchs, as well as thousands of years of treasures are waiting for all year round, except during royal visits.

Edinburgh Attractions
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