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Absolutely every country in the world is beautiful in its own way, is full of attractions and popular tourist destinations. Europe – is particularly rich in these “tourist pleasures”, because in each state remained architectural masterpieces with thousands of years of history, whose mysterious appearance on earth has not yet been solved. When talking about the history of the leaflets and culture of Europe, first of all, we mean characters particular country or city. Interesting information about popular tourist destinations will help you become better acquainted with Europe and get a clear idea about it. Belgium, England, France, Italy, Hungary – here you’ll find the best tourist destinations in Europe.

United Kingdom. The best traditions of Europe

United Kingdom. Europe Attractions

United Kingdom – a great country with ancient sites and amazing culture. Luxury medieval castles, fortresses, ancient museums and galleries – all UK. Every city here has its own unique atmosphere and unique architecture. Historically, the most famous and popular tourist destinations are located in the capital city – London. The capital of the UK – the largest metropolis in Europe with the best English parks, residences, historic and cultural buildings. But the hallmark of London is a world-famous Big Ben, which is named in honor of the ancient bells inside the tower. This is a mandatory attraction on any tour of the UK.

Belgium – art and architecture

Belgium. Europe Attractions

Belgium boasts a huge arsenal of attractions, no matter be it a rich Brussels or a small village. Belgium world-famous statue of Manneken Pis, amazing taste of beer, black chocolate Brussels and women’s tennis. It is these attributes and associations, recalls each at the mention of this pearl of Europe. Typical city of Belgium must be with its long history, which is always a lot of Gothic buildings, Romanesque churches, wonderful cathedrals, squares, monuments. Together with all this modernity coexist comfortably: the huge skyscrapers, supermarkets, houses and cafes. The sights of the European countries include the central area of Brussels – chic “Grand Place”. It has an atypical triangular shape which causes several assumptions: to save the Gallo-Roman necropolis, which was later built by Caroline funerary complex is banal or the intersection of two roads? The history of the square goes back centuries, but the mystery is still so no one guessed. The main decoration of this gorgeous place is a bronze statue of Christine de Lalen, who led the defense of the city in 1581 during the siege of Spanish troops.

Hungary – the pearl of Eastern Europe

Hungary. Europe Attractions

Hungary – one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. First of all, the country attracts the attention of tourists the unique architecture and stunning views of the Danube and the so-called “Hungarian sea” (Lake Balaton). There is also healing thermal springs and all the favorite cuisine of Hungary. Another important factor is the high quality of services and relatively low prices. All this makes the country one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe. Millions of tourists each year confirms these words.

Italy – elegance of the Old World

The Heart of Rome - Italy

Attractions in Europe so much that not enough pages to describe in all its glory every one of them. Italy – one of the countries where in each city can be found hundreds of monuments of history and culture. What to speak only of Rome or Milan. It is in Milan is world famous La Scala theater. It was built with the support of the Empress Maria Theresa in place of opera Royal Ducal Theatre, which was burned in the sad carnival in 1717. Attraction of Europe – La Scala theater was built by the great neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini August 3, 1778. On the opening day here gave staging Antonio Salieri’s “Europa Recognized” on a libretto by Mattia Veratsi. The front facade of the theater was not designed very smartly, as the architect considered superfluous to rebuild it to surround the building of the narrow streets. The opening of the season all the tickets cost between € 2,000 and this day – December 7th.

France – Europe’s romantic attractions

France. Europe Attractions

Enthusiasts have calculated, France – a country with the largest number of sites in Europe. And it’s not hard to believe: the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland, Louvre – only a small number of the most popular places. Louvre – one of the most visited museums in the world! It exhibits a rich collection of more than 800 years of history. In the Middle Ages, the Louvre was a medieval fortress, which later evolved into the palace and was built by Philip Augustus in the XII century. Many times this Europe landmark restored and rebuilt, but still come down to us in perfect condition. In 1750, the building would carry, as the royal court moved to Versailles and the Louvre was in decline. But this attraction after the turbulent years of the revolution in Europe began to rebuild again without the involvement of Napoleon. View that the Louvre has now, he acquired in 1871. The palace became a museum 10 August 1793, when the existing collection of paintings expanded Napoleon I. Today the Louvre has 400 thousand exhibits.

Europe Attractions
The Louvre in France, La Scala in Italy Tower Bridge in England, the Grand Place in Belgium - each of the countries of Europe can be proud of, their attractions dream of seeing millions of people around the world and many more years of historical monuments will remind us of the heroic past states.
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Date Published: 03/27/2016

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