Famous fountains of the world get money from tourists

Famous fountains of the world get money from tourists

The fountains, located in the popular tourist locations in serious amount accumulated for the year. It would seem that the tourists thrown into the fountains “fortunately” only small coins. But they typed a lot.

As it turned out, in the famous fountains all over the world gather, in total, millions of dollars, writes the Daily Mail.

Trevi Fountain (Rome) In one of the TV show it was shown covert shooting of three people take out coins from the fountain, and then the authorities stepped up the fight against thieves. Money from the Roman fountain is removed daily. This “catch” at the height of the tourist season up to 2800 euro per day. The collected funds from the day fountain bowl is directed to charity.

Memorial to September 11 in New York Extensive outdoor pools with the largest in North America waterfalls are part of the Memorial to victims of terrorist attacks September 11, 2001. memorial greets visitors warning that throw coins into the water is prohibited. It appeared after 2014 of the tanks were recovered 2735 dollars.

Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas The famous fountain in front of the hotel was captured in many movies and television shows. As a result, each year it attracts many tourists who throw coins into it. The bottom of the fountain cleaned every month, using a huge vacuum cleaner. According to the Review Journal, in 2010 the fountain got more than 12 thousand dollars. Most of this amount was transferred to the charitable organization Habitat for Humanity.

Rainforest Cafe, United States Themed restaurants of the network known original interior design. According to the Chicago Tribune reported two years in artificial reservoirs American Rainforest Cafe restaurants have accumulated more than 50 thousand dollars. In line with the theme of schools, the money went to support in the field of environmental protection projects.

Disneyland These amusement parks decorated with a lot of fountains. All the coins that they drop out of the visitors find their proper use. In 2014, one of the charities Florida was transferred 18 thousand dollars collected in the fountains.

Buckingham Fountain, Chicago Although the fountain and one of the largest in the world, he cast a surprisingly few coins. It hosts light show and display located under water. However, to get the coin falls infrequently, since the year they accumulated only $ 200.

Bryant Park, New York The fountain park accumulates up to 8 thousand dollars a year. At the same time the most detail recovered in March, after the influx of visitors to the Christmas and New Year.

Mall of America, Minnesota Visitors to this paradise for shoppers to part with money not only in the shops. From the fountain at the mall each month take out about two thousand dollars. The money is transferred regularly to charities.

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