Festival of living statues will be held in the Netherlands

Festival of living statues will be held in the Netherlands

World Festival of living statues will be held from 24 to 25 September in Arnhem (Amsterdam). Hundreds of artists will decorate a city street.

In this the world’s largest professional competition of living statues are declared winners in several categories, according to Tourist organization of the Netherlands. As a rule, the statue should be always fixed, although they can sometimes come to life within the framework of its small representation.

Traditionally, the festival attracts many tourists. Particularly impressive living statues in the center of Arnhem, look at night. The festival will be attended by street theater from around the world.

Arnhem – medieval picturesque city on the right bank of the Rhine, the capital of the province of Gelderland (Gelderland). The city has many attractions, telling about its rich history, some interesting galleries and museums, including the National Open Air Museum Openluchtmuseum.

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