Gene mood – the culprit of our thirst for travel

Gene mood - the culprit of our thirst for travel

Scientists have found that genes influence not only on the nature and behavior of the person, but for the desire to travel. Those who say they are addicted to travel, not so far from the truth. According to an American study, our biological background – the main reason for adventure hobbies.

The relationship between the hormone dopamine, a precursor of adrenaline, and a tendency to make impulsive decisions, writes Daily Mail. Excess dopamine is also associated with DRD4-7R gene that is known to make people take risks, explore new places, try new foods, drugs, and start a new relationship. DRD4-7R found only 20% of the world’s population and, often, it is inextricably linked with dependencies that clarifies the situation with a constant thirst for travel.

Evolutionary biologist Justin Garcia from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University says that the increased dopamine forced our ancestors to leave the place of the usual habitat and explore new territories in search of couples, food and shelter. Under present conditions, our desire for change grew in the need to travel and explore new places.

Garcia is also confident that the DRD4 gene, or rather its presence or absence, explains why one likes to travel, while others do not. According to the scientist, it is too early to draw conclusions, but it is obvious that some people often tend to take risks and commit impulsive acts, and some go on adventures only in a certain area. Travel – one of them.

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