Genoa Attractions

Genoa Attractions

In the world of Genoa is associated with excellent food, football and classical music. Today we add to the list the magnificent sights and popular tourist destinations.

Attraction Piazza De Ferrari

Piazza De Ferrari – one of the most important areas of Genoa. It connects the historic heart of the city with its modern architectural appearance. Center Square fountain topped by large, which attracts tourists in the hot summer days. On the Piazza De Ferrari square is also located a few important administrative buildings, the Teatro Carlo Felice and the beautiful Palazzo della Borsa.

Piazza De Ferrari. Genoa Attractions

Palazzo della Borsa – the pride of Genoa

The building of a new stock exchange (La Borsa Valori) was built in 1912 on the Piazza De Ferrari Square. This magnificent palace was built by the famous architect Dario Carbone. It is interesting to know that in the late XIX – early XX centuries, Genoa was the main financial center of Italy, Milan pushing into the background. Here were the largest financial transactions that have had a great impact on Europe of those times. Today attractions building serves as a place for important public events and activities. They are very popular among tourists and is an important part of any tour of Genoa.

Aquarium. Genoa attraction

More recently, the eastern part of the old harbor has been rebuilt into a huge exhibition center, the main asset of which is the city aquarium. He has more than 5 thousand species of marine animals and plants from around the world, including rare seals, dolphins, turtles and even penguins. All of them are in as close to natural environmental conditions. The main feature of the Genoa Aquarium is a unique opportunity to take part in the feeding of marine life. For children and adults, it is always unforgettable emotions and impressions. More than 1.2 million. Tourists annually visit this wonderful attraction.

Entertainment in Genoa

Aquarium. Genoa attraction

Few people know, but quiet and calm Genoa is the main center of night life in the whole of the Italian Riviera! Strangely enough, most of the entertainment venues, nightclubs and bars are located in the historical part of the city. Every weekend here inviting the best DJs in Italy, which provide hot dances, festive atmosphere and colorful entertainment programs for tourists and residents of Genoa. If an active night life you do not like, the perfect pastime can provide an evening at the Teatro Carlo Felice – the main opera house of Genoa. Here are regularly held concerts of classical music, hones his skills orchestra and ballet troupe.

For lovers of nature the ideal option would be to stay in the municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure near Genoa. Embark on one of the most picturesque fishing villages, take a boat and spend an unforgettable holiday at one with nature.

Via Garibaldi – the history of Genoa

One of the highlights of the tour events to the sights is the street Via Garibaldi. It is the oldest street of the city and completely entered in the UNESCO heritage list. More than 500 years there are beautiful palaces of wealthy gentlemen and cultural elite of the city. An interesting event in Via Garibaldi is a traditional festival of October in honor of the legendary musician Paganini, when the sound of camera and voice overshadows tourists violin music …

Other Genoa attractions

Christ of the Abyss. Genoa attraction

Another interesting tourist spot is the statue of “Christ of the Abyss.” Especially popular it is enjoyed by divers, as it is located in a cove on the 17-meter depth! Even in 1954 it was submerged under water in honor of all the victims of fishermen and scuba divers. Perfect cleanliness Italian Riviera allows you to enjoy views of the statue of “Christ of the Abyss” even in the water on a boat. The uniqueness of the monument and the stunning sculptural execution did become one of the most popular in Genoa.

Landmark Cathedral of San Lorenzo is the largest and most massive religious building of the city. It also claims to be the oldest cathedral Genova San Lorenzo was founded in the V century BC Few people know that here lies John the Baptist, whose remains are a place of pilgrimage for believers from around the world. Also the cathedral is remarkable that by example allows us to see the development of European architecture from the Romanesque to the Baroque diversity.

Want to visit the Spanish galleons of the XVII century? Then, at your service vessel “Neptune”, which is a replica of the ships of those times. By visiting this site, you not only get a lot of positive emotions, but also be able to feel like the captain of a powerful military transatlantic vessel.

Genoa Attractions
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