Guadeloupe island

Guadeloupe island

La Dezirat – the wildest and most unexpected of all the islands of the archipelago of Guadeloupe, an island divided into two parts. On the other side of the rock, creating a barrier against the waves of the ocean port and the habitable part of the island. This extraordinary island is only one road crosses. Even if it seems that the tropics attributes are completely absent, we are still on the ground caribou. Eleven kilometers in length and no more than two kilometers wide, the island stretches, forming a projection, aimed deep into the ocean to the east. The name of the island is consonant with the French “desire”.

For this island are large land – the island of Grande-Terre, Petit-Terre and the Cape de Chateau located on it with a huge cross on the largest island of Guadeloupe. It seems today that the cross says “Seafarers, my compliments, you have crossed the Atlantic.”

On the south side of Grande-Terre is a large lighthouse, which overlooks the islands of Petit-Terre. These islands are becoming more and more crowded, and not surprisingly, the standard set of available – turquoise water, coconut palms and coral reefs, freshwater waterfalls Carbet, rustling in the mountains covered with tropical vegetation.

Hotels in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe island – a popular tourist attraction is the volcano Suflier, the upper part of which is constantly hidden in the clouds. It is located on the territory of Basse-Terre, characterized by a large amount of precipitation and a large variety of landscapes than the rest of the territory of Guadeloupe. This green agricultural region, where they grow fruit, mainly bananas. The western part of the island, the so-called industrial area. It is unique in the Caribbean, and in Europe, geothermal plant. It uses natural energy, namely geothermal sources. In a nutshell, then connect to the volcano pipe, hot water and began to move the turbines, which provide a cost-effective production. Here, everything merged together – the sea, the jungle, the volcano.

Hotels in Guadeloupe island are quite expensive at the coast, so many settle in the mountains above. Exotic Hotel in the rainforest are quite attractive for tourists, but the road to the beach and back will take a lot of time, but for walkers it is not a problem.

warm sea waves

As an alternative to expensive hotels – houses on the water – is not expensive and the sea right under your feet, with a large number of species of underwater living creatures – a paradise for divers.

Beaches in Guadeloupe unusual. They are of different colors – gold, white and even black. Beach Grand Anse never so seductive as at sunset. However, the pearl of Guadeloupe and the Antilles archipelago is considered to be Lesend. Travel agencies and hotels offering travel to this accumulation of small islands on the yachts and pleasure boats. Visit Bay Lesend need anyway – so beautiful you will not see anywhere else.

Guadeloupe island
Guadeloupe island - description and attractions archipelago. Beaches, hotels, nature Guadalupe. Photos of islands and coastal waters of Guadalupe. Visit this prekrany corner of the world and you will love it.
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Date Published: 05/19/2016

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