How to improve your smartphone battery life on a journey

How to improve your smartphone battery life on a journey

How to improve your smartphone battery life on a journey? The tourists do not always have the ability to charge your smartphone or tablet. In order not to be nervous because of sitting down the battery, you can use the advice of National Geographic Traveler editor and author of the book “How to be the smartest in the world traveler” Christopher Elliott, who for 15 years shares his vast experience with tourists, helping them to avoid mistakes.

To make the gadget worked longer without recharging, Elliott recommends that you disable the device Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all notices. Then, the screen brightness is reduced to a minimum – it typically consumes the most energy.

Next, you can limit the use of programs that work with GPS, and disable all unnecessary applications currently. The most effective way to save the battery of the smartphone is the translation in “on a plane” mode to turn off the constant search for a signal. This step can also save the tourists from a large phone bill, if someone has to call him in roaming.

Revision can also add a few tips to save battery power in addition to the above: it is necessary to turn off vibration, automatic screen rotation, and animated “wallpaper”.

If the traveler is going to capture the stages of the way, laying out photos to social networks, you should keep on hand charger (suddenly the road will fall female) or to take care of a portable battery (power bank), which should be fully charged before the trip.

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