Hundreds of fake Buddhist monks deceived tourists in China

Buddhist monks

China has exposed more than 600 speculators, posing as monks and hunted on the sacred Buddhist Mount Wutai (Wǔtái Shān) in Shanxi Province in the north.

The special inspection group of monks it identified fraudsters, who were engaged in fortune-telling, begging for alms and performed street theater.

Wutai – one of the major Buddhist temples of the country. Annually here come millions of pilgrims and tourists. Therefore, the business fake monks was profitable. Inspectors are required to present Buddhist certificates from those who do not know in person. If the certificate is not proved, the “Monk” garments were selected and declared him to the police.

Fake Buddhist monks are found not only in China, but also other major metropolitan areas around the world. They tend to turn to the tourists with a proposal to buy souvenirs or to donate money to build temples.

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