In France, it began a sharp reduction in night trains

In France, it began a sharp reduction in night trains

French railways started the elimination of the majority of night trains in the country. The reason they are called chronic loss-making, high operating costs and low occupancy.

Since October, canceled flights from Paris to Nice, Saint-Gervais, Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Portbua on the Spanish border. Gone also cars in Nice and Portbua from Strasbourg and Luxembourg. Just before 1 July of the next year it is planned to keep the train from Paris to Toulouse and Irun on the Spanish border, until October 1 – the second train from Paris to Nice. While not threatened cancellation of trains from Paris to Latour-de-Carol via Toulouse and Paris to Briancon in the Alps.

Almost all international night trains in France have been canceled earlier. The exception is one train to Italy.

Recall that the reduction in night trains in Europe – a long-term trend. The reason was the development of high-speed traffic and daily budget airlines offering cheap and quick travel. In particular, the almost complete defeat threatened to December 11 night trains in Germany. However, some routes were rescued by the Austrian railways, which are considered profitable night trains. They have undertaken a number of night service lines within Germany and from Germany to Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Eastern Europe.

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