In Germany – the sale of tickets for long-distance trains

In Germany - the sale of tickets for long-distance trains

German railways carried a discount promotion for travel around the country in the next six months. Cost of the ticket in one direction at any distance starts from 19 euros.

Tickets are sold on the proposal before 10 June, a trip on them are possible until 9 December. Tickets must be purchased at least 1 day and a maximum of six months before the trip. Until 19 February to the usual quota of added about one million tickets at prices 19 or 24 euros in the second class and 29 or 34 in the first.

Discounts are only available between the stations at which stops soon and high-speed trains (ICE, IC, EC) and night trains NightJet. Connecting travel on regional and commuter trains in this variant is not allowed (but they are available with the purchase of conventional pre Sparpreis coupon ticket of 29 euros for short routes – from 19 euros). Ticket only on the train booked acts in all cases, returns and exchanges are possible with a penalty of 17.5 euros and only a minimum of one day before the date of travel.

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