In Italy, the world’s longest “Tibetan” bridge is open to visitors

In Italy, the world's longest Tibetan bridge is open to visitors

The “Tibetan” Cesana Claviere (Ponte Cesana Claviere) bridge in the Italian province of Turin, considered to be the longest suspension bridge of its kind in the world, will reopen for a visit on May 27. Brave tourists can stroll across the bridge over the San Gervasio gorge every weekend until early October.

From the bridge Cesana Claviere, suspended at an altitude of 478 meters, spectacular views are opened. The attraction is open from 9:00 to 16:30. At the same time, no more than 80 people are allowed on the bridge, and to avoid long waiting in the queue, a walk should be planned for the morning or time after 14:00.

You can get to the bridge from Turin by car on the A32 highway, as well as by bus or train. The entrance fee for the bridge is 15 euro for adults and 10 euro for children under 14 years old, whose growth is not less than 120 centimeters. All visitors are supplied with protective equipment and safety rope.

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