In Seoul the night markets open

The night markets The night markets – popular entertainment for tourists

In the central regions of Seoul the night markets which are so loved by tourists which will work till October open. This year each market won’t be similar to another and to have a certain concept.

For example, before all the opened BAM Dokkaebi market called in honor of the night demon Tokkebi offers “Overnight round-the-world journey”. Here visitors will try dishes of ethnic cuisine of the different countries of the world, will be able to buy products of local masters and to look at folklore representations. The market is located in Hangang park of the area Yeouido and works daily from 18:00 till 23:00.

On May 20 opening of the market in the territory of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza complex focused on young visitors where all visitors will have an opportunity to buy design clothes, to look at fashionable show will take place and to listen to music. In turn, the seasonal market at Cheonggye Square Square will please tourists in the May which is considered as month of a family and September-October, the harvesting period. One more night market will work at Mokdong stadium in the summer – there it will be possible to buy sports goods.

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