In the Dominican Republic begins the season for whale watching

In the Dominican Republic begins the season for whale watching

Less than a month left before the start of the season observe the humpback whales in the Dominican Republic. Each year, these huge mammals make a journey to the southern latitudes, sailing in Samana Bay, where until the end of March are for calving and new married couples.

This spectacle draws on the Samana Peninsula, thousands of tourists who want to see at least once, in the vicinity of the coastal strip there are thousands of humpback whales from the Arctic and Greenland. Lovers whales sing their melodious ladies “serenade” very kind caring, sporting and releasing water fountains up to three meters. This is where the newborn whales swim his first meters, getting ready together with the flock to return back to the north.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, the whales, the length of which can reach 18 meters, it can be observed from the shore, from a specially equipped observatory in the town of Punta Balandra, and in the water – a trip on a boat allows you to see the animals from a closer distance. At the same time, the peace and security of whales protected by the state, and out to sea on excursions permitted only certified marine vehicles and trained crews. In addition to directly whale watching tour can include a visit to the marine reserve and whale museum.

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