In the summer in Dubai will flying unmanned taxis

In the summer in Dubai will flying unmanned taxis

For road and traffic management (RTA) of Dubai has successfully completed testing of the passenger drone, which will become the world’s first unmanned flying taxi. The aircraft, called EHANG184 begin transporting people emirate in July this year.

Taxi passengers will be able to move on predetermined routes, points are plotted on a map displayed on the touch screen within the drone – the user will be enough to select the desired destination. The vehicle will operate in automatic mode, under the control of ground control center.

According to the RTA Mattar Al Tayer, the design and manufacture EHANG184 it was considered the highest security requirements. The vehicle is equipped with eight basic screws. In case of any failure in one of the control systems, the backup system will be able to control and safely operate the drone to a predetermined point.

EHANG184 designed to fly for up to 30 minutes at a maximum cruising speed of 160 km / h, and its standard speed is 100 km / h. Drone weighs about 250 kg and 360 kg, along with a passenger. Maximum cruising altitude flying air taxi – 900 meters. The aircraft is designed to work in virtually any climate, but in the rain departures will not be carried out.

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