Interesting facts of Morocco

Interesting facts of Morocco
Morocco – one of the most ancient countries of the African continent. Here ancient traditions and the atmosphere of modern megalopolises have connected. The magnificent cities and poverty of provinces, infinite sand and magnificent resorts – all this part of modern look of Morocco.

Interesting facts of Morocco
  • 1. The official name of the country – “The Kingdom of Morocco”.
  • 2. The state is located in North Africa and is washed by waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • 3. At the moment Morocco is the only country on all African continent which isn’t included into the uniform African Union (AU). She has stopped assorted membership in 1984.
  • 4. Morocco – one of key allies of the USA who doesn’t consist in the NATO alliance.
  • 5. The full Arab name “Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya” of Morocco that is translated as “the Western Kingdom”.
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  • 6. The Moroccan Constitution provides the parliamentary monarchy with independent judicial system. By numerous estimates of experts this one of the most progressive constitutions of Africa.
  • 7. Official language of Morocco is Arab and berber, nevertheless, berber dialects enjoy wide popularity. Among the younger generation the most widespread are the French and English languages.
  • 8. Interesting fact: the term “Arab” concerns to all who speak Arabic. No matter from where you have arrived if you have started talking Arab, then locals will consider you and will accept you far more hospitably, than the ordinary tourist.
  • 9. Rabat – the cultural and administrative capital of Morocco. Population of the city more than 1.6 million people. Rabat is famous for the religious constructions and ancient sights. Also there is a set of the national museums and galleries.
  • 10. In Islam Friday is considered in the sacred afternoon. In certain time all Moroccans practising Islam go to the mosque and pray within 30 minutes.
  • 11. The greatest problem of economy of Morocco is high unemployment rate – 23% and a large increase of the population – 1.5% a year.
  • 12. If you come into visual contact with the representative of an opposite sex and you will smile, then it means that the person is pleasant to you, and you are interested in the romantic relations with him.
  • 13. Interesting fact: traditionally residents of Morocco welcome foreigners kisses in both cheeks.
  • 14. The country is the world leader in production and sale of hashish.
  • 15. In Morocco there is no such concept how “to meet” or “to live in a civil marriage”. You or are married or not. If the man and the woman have cast in the lot, then they shouldn’t have friends of an opposite sex. The professional relations are admissible, however, in the public place people have to pretend that they have nothing in common, – the interesting fact.
  • 16. The total area of the country makes 446 550
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  • 17. Moroccan “Djelleba” (a caftan with a hood) is usually carried by both men, and women.
  • 18. Interesting fact: according to ancient traditions to eat food with the left hand it is considered disrespect for itself and people around.
  • 19. Because of big unemployment rate more and more people test in tourism, however be attentive when the Moroccan approaches you and itself will kindly offer couple of little advice for which will demand then some payment.
  • 20. The university in Fes founded in 859 is the very first operating university in the world.
  • 21. The main resources of the Moroccan economy are coal, agriculture and phosphorus, – the interesting fact.
  • 22. Morocco takes the 12th place in the list of the richest countries of Africa.
  • 23. The country is divided into 16 regions and 62 provinces.
  • 24. Literacy among the population very low, at men it makes about 67%, and women have about 40% even less.
  • 25. Interesting fact: the city of Marrakech, largest in the country, from which and the name of the whole state has gone was the ancient capital of Morocco.
  • 26. It is interesting to know that usual daily temperature drop makes 20 degrees Celsius.
  • 27. Moroccans – one of the most friendly and hospitable people of the world.
  • 28. The population of Morocco makes more than 32.5 million people. On this indicator the country takes the 38th place in the world, – the interesting fact.
  • 29. The highest point is the mountain Dzhebel Tubkal. Its height makes 4165 meters.
  • 30. According to ancient traditions, not heart, but a liver is considered a symbol of love.
  • 31. According to the last population census in 2009, average life expectancy at men makes 69 years, and at women 74.
  • 32. To vegetarians for record: if you refuse to eat a meat dish, then to you will count as the impudent and ill-mannered person.
  • 33. Interesting fact: the state has gained independence on March 2, 1956 of France.
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  • 34. Many researchers and historians consider that the temple Sidi Yaha in the city of Oudzha is John the Baptist’s tomb.
  • 35. Morocco shot many famous movies, for example the movie “Gladiator” of 2000.
  • 36. The average coefficient of birth rate makes 2.17 children on one woman, – the interesting fact.
  • 37. Population density of the country makes 70 people on
  • 38. Here polygamy is still authorized, however only rich people are able to afford themselves it.
  • 39. In Morocco it is possible to buy a single-humped camel for 1000 euros.
  • 40. Rabat – the city of contrasts: near a small poor peasant house there can be a huge snow-white palace.
  • 41. Interesting fact: The ditemple – national currency of the country. Ten the ditemple are equal to one euro that is very convenient for tourists.
  • 42. In the country there are many available and popular ski resorts. For rest January and February are considered as the best time.
Interesting facts of Morocco
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Interesting facts
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Date Published: 04/18/2016

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