Jahorina ski resort

Jahorina ski resort

The famous ski resort of Jahorina, on the slopes of which were carried out in 1984 the famous race Sarajevo Olympics, recently gained a second wind. His popularity is growing every year, especially among the inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia – in particular, Montenegro and Serbia.

Since the time of the opening of Jahorina resort is carried out at the highest level ski competitions, various international tournaments. His tracks have FIS certificate that gives the right to wear the title of International Sports Centre.

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By car from the International Airport Sarajevo to Jahorina can be reached in just over half an hour – 28 kilometers away. The duration of the ski season at the resort – half a year – from late October to April. Despite the abundance of snow in the mountains, located on the slopes of dozens of snow cannons. Trails are preparing special equipment, their standards are closely matched.

Mountain Ogorelitsa highest in the resort, built on its slopes somewhat steep (56 degrees) of the Olympic trails, enjoyed mostly by professionals and people who have long engaged in downhill.

For professionals, it also provides a cross-country ski trail illuminated for night skiing and the longest descent – 2400 meters.


There are also three “softer” tracks for those who only starts to try yourself in this kind of outdoor activities. To help beginners to experienced instructors will always come. Prices for rental equipment and accessories are suitable even for students – only 60 euros per week use of equipment.

For the convenience of guests are provided with 8 ski slopes with lifts, so long did not have to wait for their turn.

Apart from skiing you can try breathtaking toboggan slopes or try your hand at ice rink.

Most of the resort hotels are also calculated on the average income of the visitors, but the level of service to them at a very high level. Its services also offer tourist accommodation cottage complexes and apartments.

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Throughout the resort are scattered taverns and restaurants, in addition, there are several indoor pools with warm water, tennis courts, pool, gyms, and night disco bars.

The kitchen is traditional European, but prices for dishes are not quite traditional for resorts like Jahorina – they are much lower, which does not affect the quality of the food.

Landmarks Jahorina resort itself is rich in sights – here once rested Duke Ferdinandsky, a visit to the monastery of Ostrog, carved in the rock, will impress your visitors and visits to Sarajevo, make the plunge into history. It is very good-natured people.

Jahorina ski resort
Active holiday in the best ski resort of Jahorina Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sights, opportunities for rest and recuperation in Jahorina. An article about the famous ski resort of Jahorina.
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Date Published: 05/24/2016

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