Maldives resort

Maldives resort

Resort Maldives – the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Countless atolls coral reef created an archipelago of twenty-six large and many small islands.

See the national currency – Maldivian rupee, tour succeeds only in the shops where they are sold as a souvenir. Euros accepted everywhere, but his course in restaurants, shops and even hotels much underestimated – 1 euro = 1 dollar.

90% of the Republic of Maldives – is water, so any vacation here connected with the ocean. Maldives is not the most visited resort of amateur skating on a sailing board, but it is unlikely it will last long, because there are ideal conditions for lovers of this sport. The islands are a good surf wave, and from March to November, blowing south-west monsoon. This season, and is considered the best for windsurfing surfers. As a rule, from hotels to ski places experienced surfers come to the shore by boat. Those who decided to catch the wind every day in a new place, bought a special surf-cruise on a yacht. Beginners instructor on the bank explains how to manage a sailing board.

surfing in the Maldives

For lovers of sailing is a great option to ride on a catamaran. The resort Maldives arrange excursions to nearby islands, which last from two to five hours. With a good wind speed catamaran reaches eighty kilometers per hour.

75% of all the fish that live on our planet live in this part of the ocean. Even from the shore you can see that the sea here – a real aquarium, which often swim rays, reef sharks, tuna, parrot fish and a lot of other inhabitants of the underwater world.

Diving in the Maldives resort can be all year round – the ocean is calm most of the time, but with the arrival of the northeast monsoon in October may be a little storm. Qualified divers should be prepared for the fact that they will be asked diary dive – lock-book. For starters, almost every island you can pass the initial course of «open-water-diver» – the first level of training. Beginners can dive in areas with gentle slopes and soft corals, where many tropical fish inhabited. Experienced divers an opportunity to dive night and drift along the underwater currents, as well as their services steep walls, caves and even shipwrecks. Around Maldives resort is not enough very strong currents so swimmers recommend using signaling buoys, which are noticeable even from a distance.

dajving Maldives

From diving in the Maldives competes only unrestrained fishing, which you can only dream of. And success does not depend on experience, luck, usually for beginners. Catching a big fish such as marlin, sailfish or swordfish takes place outside the atolls in the open ocean on a special boat equipped with radar systems to detect shoals of fish. For bait is mainly used mackerel, horse mackerel and squid weighing up to three kilograms. Biting good, caught tuna and barracuda. Catch enough for it to arrange for the return of a candlelit dinner on the beach in the small barbecue – something like a fish kebab.

Maldives Resort is one of the most attractive places for recreation, and to the guests do not get bored, the hotel offers entertainment for every taste.

Maldives with their unique atmosphere are one of the best places for romantic holidays and weddings. Here is everything about what lovers dream – iridescent shades of blue ocean, white sand and luxury secluded bungalow.

Hotels in the resort of the Maldives – a separate island, very small, only 200-400 meters in diameter. For those who want to retire during the honeymoon, there is nothing better than these small islands. To get to them from the airport can free speedboat belonging to the hotel.

For those who book accommodation in rooms of higher category, right on the dock on arrival satisfied with the welcoming ceremony in Maldivian – in national costumes with drums and garlands of flowers. To welcome the guests out personally the general manager of the hotel. After, tourists are bused to the electric car in the room. The same little car bought to go for a walk around the island or in the restaurant. Even in a small hotel about a dozen restaurants, each with its own specific choice of dishes – sea grill, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, Italian … cuisine.

wedding in the Maldives

There is a hotel and a jewelry store, which is very handy for those who decided to spend in the resort of the Maldives wedding ceremony. Different hotels have their own traditions for weddings, they are called “ritual renovation of feelings”, because in this rite involves not only the young couple, but the couple with the experience. Before the wedding, the lovers are transported into the world of beauty and health. Here guests spend a true spa ritual in the three-stage program, including massage, exfoliation and a soothing mask for the face and body. Use flower petals, leaves of various plants and aromatic oils Oriental. When the bride begins preparing for the ceremony – it makes make-up and help to get dressed in the national costume Maldivian. Wedding on the beach is the most romantic and elegant ceremony, after witnessing such a marriage would be luxurious palm trees, white sand and gentle ocean waves. Maldives – this is a paradise for two. Those who are really in need of an extraordinary, insane romance, you need to remember the exact address where it can always be found – Planet Earth, the Indian Ocean, Maldives.

It should be understood that the wedding in the resort of the Maldives is not official, and marriage registered is not valid in other countries. After the ceremony, a certificate is issued, which gives a discount to celebrate wedding anniversaries in the same hotel.

Maldives resort
How to have a good time in the Maldives - a description of the islands, opportunities for recreation, entertainment, sightseeing, nature of the Maldives.
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Date Published: 05/09/2016

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