Manama resorts

Manama resorts

Manama, the capital of the State of Bahrain, the Arab city with a European bias, in particular, with the English. Where alcohol is sold, which is totally unacceptable in an Islamic country, numbering floor of the hotel, the taxi – a replica of the London system.

The climate zone in which there is a city, a warm winter – an average of plus 17 degrees, the summer is hot – about 38 degrees plus. Sometimes there are dust storms and drought, so better to come in Manama during the period October – March.


In Manama it is very advantageous to carry out shopping for Europeans – are relatively inexpensive Indian gold, oriental pearls and fabric. At the Central Market sells a wide variety of cheap fruit and vegetables, condiments, spices, herbs.

Local cuisine surprising variety of food served – seafood, oriental barbecue, dessert offers dates, large variety of fruit, the specific sweetness. But on traditional European food and do not forget. The restaurants here are very much different, the most sophisticated gourmet will choose themselves what he wants.

In Manama to visit the fort Qalat Al Bahrain height of 8 meters, an area of ​​28 hectares. On its territory are carried out excavations of ancient buildings age of five thousand years. Fort declared historical heritage by UNESCO.


Do not miss a tour of the most expensive bridge in the world – the King Fahd Causeway. It is a border area between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The bridge is located in a beautiful location, with splendid views of the bay and nature reserve. Here are several great restaurants. The length of 25 kilometers of the bridge.

Paying tribute to the Muslim city can visit the largest building in Bahrain, Friday Mosque, Al Fateh, Al Khamis. Earlier, mosques were forbidden to tourists – not Muslims, but times change, east and west are gradually integrated.

If you want to have fun – sailing club Al Bander will help you with this – children’s playground, heated swimming pools with salty sea water, water attractions and restaurants do not allow bored.


A special place set aside for leisure travelers Manama beaches – golden sand, of which purity is monitored very carefully, hot sun and warm sea will help to relax and forget about problems. Lots of water rides and entertainment will leave in the soul of the most vivid impression of the holiday in Bahrain.

In Manama there are several beautiful museums. The richest museums of the Persian Gulf – The National Museum, which contains exhibits with a long history, the age of some numbers about 7000 years.

Also noteworthy Oil Museum, pearls, House of the Koran – the name speaks for itself – contains all editions of the Holy Book and its ancient manuscripts.

Manama resorts
Description Bahrain's capital Manama, beaches, restaurants, bars and discos in Manama, leisure and entertainment in the resort of Manama. The climate in the resort, the best time to travel is from October to March.
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Date Published: 05/29/2016

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