Margarita island resorts

Margarita Island

If you want to have a good vacation, enjoy new experiences for the year ahead – Welcome to Margarita Island – a beautiful place, not only in Venezuela, but throughout the world. The blue Caribbean Sea washes the picturesque mountainous island with beautiful beaches, lakes, waterfalls and forests – a real fairytale for connoisseurs.

On the island of Margarita, almost every day, clear weather. 240 days of sunshine a year. air temperature from 25 to 36 degrees in winter the summer. For the average European on Margarita summer all year round. Even if you are in the rainy season, which lasts from November to February – it does not matter, rain interspersed with sunny days, in addition, they are mostly at night.

Tourist area

It is convenient and safe to relax with children. Service at the highest level, beginning with the arrival of the international airport of the island and ending with accommodation in hotels, beach holidays and excursions. It is here come the most “capricious” tourists who have high requirements to the level of comfort.

Margarita Island is popular among surf enthusiasts, windsurfing and kiting – conditions for practicing these sports are ideal. To do this, it provided as many as five beaches. Newcomers help trainers. For normal swimming and sunbathing on the island there are also several well-equipped beaches, where you can play volleyball, basketball. Active guests can also play on the golf courses and tennis courts, while existing hotels. Avid fishermen can go fishing in the coastal waters by renting a boat and tackle. Catch can be anything not in limited quantities – the law allows. The fish here – marlin, fish, mahi-mahi, tuna, fish, sailing – from such trophies will not give any amateur or professional fishing.

hotel on the island

At Margarita lot of beauty salons and relaxation, many of which are in hotels, where you can take beauty and spa treatments, oxygen therapy sessions, massages, mesotherapy, hair care.

The island is very convenient shopping – there are no fees, so the prices are very low, surprised by the cost of clothing, perfumes, pearls, here are inexpensive, but high-quality Cuban cigars and coffee.

Many beautiful parks of the island dip you into a living, evergreen world of tropical plants and animals. Impregnated various flavors of flowering plants, fresh waterfalls and ocean currents, clean air relaxes the archipelago. Mangrove forests are home to more than a hundred species of birds, thirty species of mammals and several species of turtles. Ordering a boat tour, you can see how they live in their natural environment, pelicans, flamingos, parrots and other exotic representatives of nature.

Swimming pool at hotel

Night life of the island Margarita does not stop. All tourist area illuminated by the bright lights of restaurants, night bars and discos. To cover this celebration of life all at once, you can go to a special night tour – you will be taken to play at the casino, then disco where dancing salsa and Marengo, the program also dinner in a luxury Spanish restaurant with live music.

Margarita Island boasts of its duty-free zone – the city Parlamar, which is a huge number of shopping centers, restaurants, pedestrian boulevards for leisurely walks. Many famous brands have their offices here, next to which is completely free to sell local craftsmen, are made wonderful jewelery and leather goods. You can also visit the Museum of the Spanish colonies, the castle of San Carlos Borromeo, St. Francis Convent buildings of the XVI century.

Margarita island resorts
Margarita Island - Venezuela's best resort. Attractions, beaches, parks, Margarita. Leisure, entertainment, night life of the island of Margarita. All the information we have gathered in this article.
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Date Published: 05/24/2016

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