Music festival will be held in Jerusalem

Music festival will be held in Jerusalem

March 20-23 in Jerusalem will host a music festival “Sounds of the Old City”, organized with the support of the Office of Urban Development, Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and the local municipality. On the streets of the historical quarters of the city in the evening will sound live music of various styles and trends – both ancient and modern.

Festival The route starts from the Jaffa Gate, passes through the Armenian quarter, then Jewish, Muslim, back to the Jaffa Gate and ends in the Christian quarter. In different areas of the city celebration will be “in tune” with the customs and traditions of a particular people, and tourists will appreciate the musical and cultural richness of Jerusalem.

The festival starts in the evening each day at 19:00 and ends at 23:00, according to the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. Visit the festival events is free.

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