My indescribable feeling of traveling to Bulgaria


Low budget holidays in Bulgaria attracts tourists with different financial opportunities. Tours to this country is very available for the price status, therefore here rests annually a lot of youth. Best youth resort is aSunny Beach, exactly there my friends and I went on 14 days, at the end of August.

The road to the resort was tiresome, more than a day in the bus, sleepless night, a heat. However, what we have received as a result has blocked all shortcomings of this travel. We have arrived there in the morning and as settled in hotel only after 10 hours, I immediately wanted to sea. You can’t even imagine how calm was the sea that morning, water is clear and warm, and the sun only made the way through small clouds. It was an indescribable feeling!


We chose hotel carefully as we wanted to receive all conveniences for the average price. We lived in hotel Kalofer who has the status 3 stars. The personnel are polite, speak not only the native language – in еnglish too, the truth not all, and we didn’t even notice the maid but she cleaned the room every day. In the number, everything is standard – a balcony, the working hair dryer and the conditioner, a shower, comfortable furniture. Food the truth was monotonous, we have chosen only breakfasts, but haven’t regretted at all. We mostly ate in cafes and restaurants. There are reasonable prices therefore any can afford it. The dinner or a lunch for two cost 20-25 euros. Concerning the beach and the sea, here it is quite pure, a convenient entrance and pleasant sand.

In the evenings we often with friends sat at local clubs. There is a lot of them, for every taste and financial opportunities. There is a hookah bar, karaoke, the VIP club with dress codes, beach discos, nightclubs by special invitations and a lot of other. Everywhere the low prices on bars therefore here it will be cheerful to all fans of exotic cocktails. In the evening, the lot of musicians who arrange the improvised concerts gathers on streets. Everywhere small stalls with tasty ice cream with various tastes are open (I advise to try chocolate and with taste of caramel).

Planning the rest in Bulgaria, we specified previously rather interesting festivals or club parties. And so, being furious fans of electronic music, we have with great pleasure visited performance of one of the most famous producers and DJs of the world – Armin van Buren who just in August has played the set in one of clubs in Sunny Beach. Always such events bring a lot of pleasure, and this time the Dutch musician hasn’t pumped up. Everything has gone off with a bang It was one of those nights, which formed such indescribable feeling of about rest in Sunny Beach.

Also we have visited the known aquapark. It is very convenient that from all stops the free transfer to the building goes here. Though even from our hotel to the aquapark wasn’t big distance. Have tested almost all hills including the most terrible – black and dark. If you want to get a great dose of adrenaline, I advise to visit there.

Interesting was a trip to Nessebar. All tourists should visit him!

It is the city which has so perfectly united ancient Bulgarian color with modern tourist infrastructure that just there was a wish to stay longer there and to consider more attentively each corner.

The narrow streets, comfortable cafe and pleasant people – all this that is necessary for excellent rest.

Generally, Sunny Beach – ideal option for the budgetary youth recreation sea. Here and magnificent infrastructure, and reasonable prices for food and drinks, and clean sea, and a lot of water entertainments. We were pleased with the trip and we plan to arrive once here again.
My indescribable feeling of traveling to Bulgaria
My story about traveling to Bulgaria, the most interesting places, the country's sights and the most bright emotions.
My travel story
Written by: Ketrin
Date Published: 04/04/2016

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