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22.08.17 New hotel W opened near Seattle 0 publish
22.08.17 Argentina Resorts 0 publish
22.08.17 Wine Festival will be held in Prague 0 publish
22.08.17 The Roman thermae of Caracalla are open for tourists at night 0 publish
30.06.17 In Seoul, outdoor swimming pools opened 0 publish
30.06.17 Siena Cathedral invites tourists to the dungeons 0 publish
30.06.17 In London, the museum opens an underground gallery 0 publish
21.06.17 In the Czech Republic completely banned smoking in restaurants and bars 0 publish
21.06.17 Elbrus continues the ski season 0 publish
21.06.17 Tourists will be allowed into the Leaning Tower of Pisa late at night 0 publish
14.06.17 In Italy created a city-museum dedicated to wines 0 publish
14.06.17 The shopping festival started in Seoul 0 publish
14.06.17 Parisian beaches opened on July 8 0 publish
31.05.17 The first ibis hotel opened in Yerevan 0 publish
31.05.17 The authorities of Florence are struggling with selfies on city bridges 0 publish
31.05.17 New hotel opened in Beijing 0 publish
22.05.17 The luxurious Park Hyatt hotel opened in Bangkok 0 publish
22.05.17 In Italy, the world's longest "Tibetan" bridge is open to visitors 0 publish
22.05.17 At the airport of Los Angeles was opened a terminal for the stars 0 publish
09.05.17 In Tel Aviv will be held festival for gourmets 0 publish
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