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07.09.16 Pyramid of stones made by tourists, ruining the Balearic Islands 0 publish
07.09.16 The new hotel has opened in the center of Barcelona 0 publish
07.09.16 Inflatable amusement park on the water opened in Dubai 0 publish
24.08.16 Festival of living statues will be held in the Netherlands 0 publish
24.08.16 The world's longest glass bridge over a chasm opened in China 0 publish
24.08.16 In Thailand catchers Pokemon face fines 0 publish
20.08.16 In London, the night begins launching metro 0 publish
19.08.16 Hundreds of fake Buddhist monks deceived tourists in China 0 publish
19.08.16 Beer Festival in Belgrade 0 publish
19.08.16 Turkish Airlines Elite Program participants will receive free Internet in flight 0 publish
18.08.16 Four Thai island was closed to tourists 0 publish
18.08.16 Venice tourist jumped from the Rialto Bridge and was in intensive care 0 publish
17.08.16 Hotel without walls and roof opened in the Swiss Alps 0 publish
17.08.16 Berlin will host "Long Night of Museums" 0 publish
15.08.16 On the South Korean resort inhabits most Pokemon 0 publish
13.08.16 Rotterdam opens a new Marriott hotel 0 publish
13.08.16 In September in Macau - the world most beautiful fireworks 0 publish
13.08.16 European bus company Flixbus increased its network by Megabus 0 publish
12.08.16 On the Chinese island of Hainan Hotel opened Club Med 0 publish
12.08.16 In Pattaya airport begins testing a new terminal 0 publish
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