Naples Attractions

Naples Attractions

Under the hot breath of the terrible Vesuvius hundreds of years ago there was a beautiful port of Naples. Over the centuries there have erected dozens of amazing sights, and the main tourist attraction is the historic city center. Also popular are medieval Castel Nuovo, rich Palazzo Reale and the National Archaeological Museum, where the lost treasures of Pompeii are.

Piazza De Ferrari. Naples Attractions

Landmark Castel del Ovo

Castel dell’Ovo – ancient castle with 2,000 years of history. He stands on a small island Megaris in the Bay of Naples. It is in these places the first Greek settlers went, who founded Naples. The fortress of Castel dell’Ovo is the only reminder of those times, a symbol of the city and the main historical heritage. During its long history the castle was reconstructed many times. It was connected with the arrival of these lands of the Normans, the French, the Spaniards and Brazilians, who wanted to make something of his own in his architecture. Nowadays sights is the venue for various cultural events and exhibitions on historical themes.

Piazza Dante – Naples attraction

Piazza Dante – one of the best tourist spots of the city. It attracts tourists with its convenient location and luxurious examples of Romanesque architecture. Gothic notes emphasize the luxury of space and unity with the overall architectural appearance of Naples. It was named after the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri, the Renaissance. Since 1872, in the center of the square stands the majestic statue of him, urging travelers to take a picture.

National Archaeological Museum. Naples

Another interesting sights is the National Archaeological Museum. He has one of the largest collections of Roman art and artifacts, including ancient murals, mosaics and sculptures from the territories of Pompeii and Herculaneum. One of the main drawbacks of the museum is its complexity and vast territory, where you can easily get lost. However, visit the National Archaeological Museum is obliged to any tourist, as it is one of the main attractions of Naples and its important historical heritage. To do this you will need a walking tour with a good guide.

National Archaeological Museum. Naples sights

National Archaeological Museum. Naples

Few people know that Rome is not the only city with an extensive network of underground tunnels. The same has dungeons and Naples, where the luxury narrow gothic streets are located whole areas dark and cold tunnel. Of particular interest to tourists cause the underground remains of the Roman market under the church of San Lorenzo. Here you can see preserved and showcases bakery, where baked pizza and then sold on the market. The catacombs are not the main sights of Naples, but without them, your experience will not be complete.

Entertainment in Naples

Perhaps one of the most important activities on a tour of the city is a tasting pizza. Any tourist simply must visit the best pizzerias of the city and enjoy the signature dish of the Italians. Another very important action in the tour is a stroll through the historic center of the city, look at the lives of ordinary Italians and enjoy the luxury of the narrow streets of the city. One-day tour of the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum are a great way to spend your time. For many this tour will not just interesting but also extreme. The fact is that in addition to the traditional tour of the ruins of the sights, you will be offered to spend the night in one of the special hotel right on the territory of the ancient cities. Many such an idea is necessary for the soul!

Other sights in Naples

Piazza Dante cultural heritage of Naples

Pignatelli Monteleone Palace – the former residence of the Duke Camillo Pignatelli. The palace is known for stunning facade, grand entrance portal and stunning interiors. At the time, he was not very popular with tourists, but in our time it is called one of the best examples of European architecture of the early twentieth century in Italy.

Sorrento is one of the most famous and popular tourist resorts in the province of Naples. It is located in a charming location on a natural terrace overlooking the sea. On the streets of the city there are many fashion shops, boutiques and small sights. The local wonderful climate and favorable living conditions attracted Roman noblemen in ancient times: they built houses and developed recreational structures of Naples. Today Sorrento is rich and elegant resort with world-class hotels and entertainment for all tastes.

Naples Attractions
A small selection of the best attractions in Naples in one article. Interesting set out and pleasantly decorated. Also at your disposal a small photo album of Naples.
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