New Providence – Bahamas Island

New Providence - Bahamas Island

The most popular of the Bahamas is among the tourists of New Providence. The history of the island as the resort begins in the middle of the last century, when it began to come representatives of the elite of the United States to take a break from their important affairs.

Since that time, the tourist industry on the island began to develop rapidly, New Providence became the business center of the Bahamas, to place on its territory in addition to the tourism infrastructure of more than 400 banks. The climate is almost unchanged on the island, so the tourist season here all year round.

new providence - hotel on the shore

The most attractive beach for holidaymakers is Cable Beach, located a few kilometers from the center. This is a place not only for swimming and sunbathing, you can visit hundreds of restaurants and entertainment, see the brilliance of fashionable boutiques and casinos, and see the chic luxury of life.

On New Providence built luxurious hotels and luxury hotels, offers its clients services of the highest class.

To meet the needs of tourists in an active holiday on the island there are many possibilities – fishing, catamarans and canoes, windsurfing, water skiing and flying on a parachute over the ocean.

New Providence - beautiful view

Spectacular impressions can be obtained visiting the “Atlantis” aquarium, wander through its maze of underwater tunnels and in ruins, decorated under the sunken Atlantis. There you can cheer up a ride on the water slides.

For divers New Providence real Mecca, where a huge variety of colorful fish and coral, there is also a special program for extremists – underwater feeding reef sharks.

new providence - crystal clear water

On the island there are many historical and cultural monuments, which are well worth a look – a stone arch Gregory, Royal staircase, Fort Charlotte, a 65-meter high water tower, with a height of which the beautiful views of the ocean, park Versailles Gardens – a romantic place with fountains and sculptures, which often hosts weddings.

Nature reserves Retreat and Adastra Gardens travelers reveal the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Bahamas.

If you are wondering where you relax so that experience was enough for a lifetime – New Providence in the Bahamas is an excellent choice.

New Providence - Bahamas Island
New Providence - the best of the Bahamas! Description of opportunities for recreation and entertainment in the Bahamas. New Providence - a dream that can become a reality.
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Date Published: 05/31/2016

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