On the South Korean resort inhabits most Pokemon


The resort town of Sokcho, Gangwon-do Province is located in South Korea, attracting fans of the game for mobile gadgets Pokemon Go around the world.

It turned out that it is here, thanks to the application software error, you can catch up to 30 species of Pokemon, including Pikachu. Sokcho is headed by top 10 cities, where tourists go in search of funny virtual monsters.

The list also includes New York, Tokyo, Rome, London, Vienna and Wolfsburg (Germany). In addition, in San Francisco, Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney dwells like a kangaroos Kangaskhan, and in Hawaii, it is – on the island of Honolulu, fans of the game can be found Pokemon Exeggutor, similar to a palm tree with coconut-heads.

Game Pokemon Go, where you have to catch and train for Pokémon battles, swept the whole world. Many fans are willing to travel long distances in order to find rare Pokemon. Tour operators are already offering customers a new product – tours Pokemon.

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