On what to complain air passengers of business class

On what to complain air passengers of business class

Tourists and business people who buy expensive tickets for the first class of aircraft, often exaggerate the possibility of service on the board.

For my money the business class passengers receive separate from the rest of the registration process, as well as the expectations of the flight and landing of the aircraft, wide comfortable seat, special meals, more than a “steward”, the distance to the front of passenger, allowing to stretch my legs, and extended the possibility of personal media system. But some of them expect more from service.

Airlines flight attendants tell us with any complaints of business class passengers they faced during the work, – the proper selection of published edition News.com. The list of complaints were those stewards heard on long-haul flights lasting more than 10 hours.

So, passengers need to bring their pajamas, complain about the lack of capacity of the massage chair and on thin mattresses on the chairs, beds. The lack of on-board champagne Dom Perignon is also a cause for grief. Some grumbled on, they can not go to the toilet because of the cluttered table drinks. Needless to say that the drinks and the number of passengers chose themselves. Sensors in the valves are included, according to the number of passengers at the wrong time, and their clothes get spray of water. Finally, the large distance between the rows of seats, not all is good – some complain that the media screen system located in the seat backrest vperedistoyaschego, is too far away.

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