Pal Arinsal ski resort

Pal Arinsal ski resort

His double name Pal-Arinsal Resort received as a result of merger of two ski resorts, which have been linked the new cable car. Comfortable warm carriages ply back and forth, carrying tourists.

Pal Arinsal - ski trail

Pal-Arinsal resort boasts a great location – just a few kilometers from the capital and to the Spanish border – it allows you to quickly come to a resort like foreigners from a neighboring country, and the residents and guests of the capital.

On the bases of Arinsal and Pal introduced the most advanced technology of the entertainment industry, the level of service leaves behind many well-known ski resorts.

On the slopes there are no steep slopes, which allows beginners to the sport, and children feel comfortable on the feet.

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Lack of snow at the bases there, as in the case of his absence at the lack of rainfall in the course are snow cannons, a huge number of them here. The level of snow on the slopes is supported by specialized equipment. Routes are varied – long and short, straight and arched, the width of the slopes provides a comfortable feel and pioneers and professionals. On the basis of Pal has ski school, which takes students on short courses.

Arinsal is characterized by its focus on more highly trained skiers. Trails are mostly steep and short, speeding them you can feel the true airspeed! Depending on the experience of snowboarding tracks are of different colors – white, red and black.

Pal Arinsal - uphill

In addition to the slopes from the slopes of Andorra’s resorts offer plenty of entertainment even – two sports complex for tennis, athletics, you can play a game of squash, solarium, relax in the pool with Jacuzzi or sauna. In the evening, visitors to the hotel are numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, discos.

Plus Pal-Arinsal resort is that the ski slopes are only a few dozen meters from the exit of the hotel that allows travelers to reduce the time to travel to the mountain slopes, as is the case at other resorts.

Magnificent scenery opening from the hotel windows will not leave anyone indifferent from a visit this winter resort.

Pal Arinsal ski resort
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Date Published: 06/01/2016

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