Resort Vung Tau

Resort Vung Tau

On the shore of the South China Sea to the mouth of the Saigon River stretches resort town of Vung Tau. The name of the town is quite young, a former French and Portuguese colonists called it Cape Saint Jacques.

Despite the small populated Vung Tau – the number of inhabitants of about a hundred thousand people, the town earned the love and popularity among tourists from all over the world. This is not surprising, the beach season lasts all year round here. The climate is warm and mild, the average temperature ranges from 26 degrees in winter and 32 degrees in summer.

Jesus Christ statue

Vung Tau is surrounded by embankments, as it is located on a peninsula. A Waterfront – a historic city center, which houses the building and construction period of colonization, one of which is the former residence of the French governor. The other side of the coast – a continuous series of sandy beaches, with modern hotels, restaurants and entertainment for leisure visitors.

In addition to the tour of Vung Tau beach of the island is something to see. During low tide you can walk on the sea floor and get to the Islands Women walking. The majestic Buddha statue in the park of Thich Ca Phat Dai traditionally attracts the most visitors – both ordinary tourists and pilgrims Buddhist. The park is also known for a huge sculpture of a lotus flower, surrounded by many small figures of animals and people.

At Little Mount, the site of the old lighthouse the statue of Jesus Christ. This is a copy of the famous statue located in Rio de Janeiro. In different parts of the world in all four of these statues, but located in Vung Tau is the largest. Foot of the statue is an observation deck, which offers a beautiful sight of the surrounding area, maritime spaces and the Mekong River valley. More more impressive are available, up a circular staircase inside the statue to the viewing window located on the shoulder of the statue.

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Famous sight Vung Tau – greyhound racing, attracting crowds of onlookers and gamblers, you can see every Saturday. Crocodile farm, open a Buddhist monastery, monkey sanctuary – no less popular among visitors place. Permitted photo and video shooting. Photo surrounded by flocks of monkeys or near the crocodile will not let you forget about the trip to Vung Tau for a long time.

Beaches are traditionally full of people. Along them housed a variety of cafes and eateries, where you can sample the local seafood delicacies, and traditional European cuisine. Prices in restaurants and cafes are surprisingly low, but this does not affect the quality of the food. Say lunch in the cafe will cost up to five dollars, in the restaurant you can eat to satiety maximum of forty dollars.

The cost of clothing, souvenirs and not high. This is especially true of markets and private traders.

If you come to Vietnam on business and want to successfully conduct the weekend, be sure to visit Vung Tau. From the capital, the resort can be reached in just half an hour by sea on a boat, which run here all the time, or a taxi, bus or minibus “daisy” – you will find it in the logo of this flower in the glasses. The fare is low, just two and a half dollar on camomile and about $ 40 for a taxi.

Buddha statue

Find a hotel in the city with easy availability at any time of year, because in spite of the large influx of tourists, the tourist resort industry is booming, a lot of hotels. Budget and luxury, high-rise and cottage, exotic to the local color and traditional European style, located directly on the beach and away from the noise of night discos hotels – the choice in all this diversity only for you. Room rates range from ten to one hundred and fifty dollars per day.

If you decide to break away in the resort on the full – be sure to visit the biggest disco in the city of Hollywood. Big bright dance floor, the crowd of merry men, diverse music is sure to lift your spirits and fill our lives with new colors.

Resort Vung Tau
Activities in the Vietnamese resort of Vung Tau. Attractions of the colonial era, sandy beaches, nature Vung Tau. Come to the wonderful resort of Vung Tau.
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Date Published: 05/20/2016

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