Resorts Brazil

Resorts Brazil

Brazil samba rhythm lights, bright colors is stunning, surprising variety of tropical vegetation. The golden beaches of Bahia and Copacabana, the original architecture and culture, friendly, chaotic and vibrant Rio de Janeiro – Brazil all this. Carnivals, waterfalls, delicate aroma of coffee can remind everyone once visited here tourists about this amazing country. Of course, one can not forget about the health resorts and beautiful places in Brazil and its capital.

Resort Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Resort town called those tourists visit to relax. One of these cities, of course, can be considered as Rio de Janeiro. The city is divided into northern and southern parts, and divide it Tijuca National Park and Hill Sera de Carioca. Tourists who come here will always be what to do during the holidays, because there is that view of the sights. What to say, the so-called sugar mountain. This hill can be called a great lookout with views of the city, it is especially beautiful here at night. On the hill was built a lot of cozy restaurants, souvenir shops and bars.

Rio de Janeiro resort

While at the resort in Rio, be sure to visit the Botanical Garden. Founded in the early 19th century, it still pleases the eye of tourists. Come to resort to the capital of its palm avenues, bronze statues and fountains, built many years ago. There are more than 5000 plants from all over the world, there is a library and a museum.

Copacabana beach

Copacabana beach

The most popular beach in Rio – is Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. An interesting fact is that it is often live music on the beach. By the end of February in the city are starting to sell tickets at the carnival. Rio Carnival is known throughout the world for five days of music and fun dream to get very many people all over the planet, every corner of it.

The resort of Costa de Sauipe

The resort of Costa de Sauipe is already by its very name implies that it is located on the sea coast. It is the largest beach resort in Brazil. Sand dunes, coconut groves, lakes and exotic flowers – all of this is reminiscent of a paradise on earth. The developed infrastructure of rest, which is all kinds of hotel complexes and entertainment, allows a great time at this resort in Brazil from early spring until late autumn and even winter.

Costa de Sauipe boats

Costa de Saupe

The resort of Costa de Sauipe is located in the northern part of the province of Bahia. Year-round sunny weather. Costa de Sauipe also have a memo architecture and natural attractions that can be contemplated, being at this resort in Brazil. For example there are old churches, such as Nose Senyora de Rosario dos Pretos, which was built by slaves in the 18th century or the Church of San Francisco, which is famous unfinished sculptures in the Baroque style.

Brazil Sao Paulo

It should be noted well-known resort in Brazil – Sao Paulo. This city – a huge metropolis and economic center of Brazil. Its location 75 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and tropical climate make it possible to call this town a resort for those who want to see the sights. The temperature then rises more than 20 throughout the year, and in June may be 21, and 26 in December.

Sao Paulo

Stadium in Sao Paulo

The city in the 16th century called piratininga, and develop the city began with the advent of coffee plantations here. There are 20 major museums, which is visited by tourists relaxing on the resort every year. The most visited – it is a museum of modern art, Museum of Zoology, Museum of the city of religion, the Museum of Aeronautics and others. Among the attractions of the resort of Sao Paulo Brazil also note and Ibirapuera Park. There is an architectural ensemble of the Monument al Ban Deyras.


Ibirapuera Park

Being at the resort, you can also visit the picturesque park Ortho Florestal, which is 11 kilometers from the city. Popular among tourists is the Interlagos recreation area, which is located on the banks of rivers and lakes Guarapiranga Light. This area is famous for its attractions and nightlife. There are also beautiful beaches and forests.

Resorts Brazil
Brazil is famous for its beaches, waterfalls, carnivals, original traditions of its people, and especially the ability to have fun. After all, it is here held chic carnival, which is buzzing day and night.
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