Resorts in Croatia

Resorts Croatia

Resorts in Croatia – a matter of national pride and lure summer tourists from around the world! Most travelers say that there have managed to achieve European standards for little money. This allowed several times to increase the number of people willing to spend their holidays in Croatia it resorts!

Croatia. Baska Voda

The resorts of Croatia operates a huge number of hotels, most of which – 3 stars. Popular hotels in the 4 and 5 star is not in use. It should also be noted that the majority of money is spent on a variety of treatments, entertainment, as well as to rent a scooter, delicious meals and pleasant gifts!

Beautiful resort in Croatia

Not long ago, Baska Voda was the usual fishing village in a couple of hundred people, but times of quiet and peaceful life were replaced by thousands of tourists and modern infrastructure. The idea to create a resort here has been enhanced by the stunning natural surroundings and a convenient location. Just imagine – white pebbles, crystal clear waters, towering mountains above the coast and around the sea…

Croatia. Dubrovnik Resort

Biogard – known European resort with an excellent reputation and reviews. The most popular among fans was sailing walks and leisurely recreation. Biogard completely surrounded by coves and marinas for yachts, so it will not be difficult to move the boat to one of the neighboring islands, whether or Murter Pasman, and there continue their holiday.

Best resorts in Croatia

Resort Vodice – very compact and convenient for the tourist city in Croatia. There are many open source of clean, healing waters, which gave its name to the resort. Vodice also boasts a variety of cultural programs, including discos, themed cafes, night bars and restaurants. A must to visit is a unique park on the beach.

Dubrovnik – the pride of Croatia, the pearl of the Mediterranean and just a paradise. The first thing that strike the eye – a huge medieval fortress on the cliffs of the peninsula, around which the raging water and towering mountains. Natural landscapes and modern buildings complement each other, causing a delight and admiration of tourists. It should also be noted that the resort is included in the UNESCO heritage list and is among the ten best in Europe.

Istria (Istra) – a famous Croatian resort!

Istria popular Croatian resort

Every summer rest and have fun, tens of thousands of tourists. The city pleases not only the beautiful tourist complexes, but also the unique architecture of the first settlements. The pride of the resort are the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and the archipelago of Brijuni. If you decide to vacation on this resort, then carefully read the information on the beaches. The fact is that Istria is one of the main centers of nudism in the world! There are many private beaches for such tourists.

Beach holidays in Croatia

Experienced travelers know that on the Croatian coast, you can not only relax, but also improve your health! It’s all about the healing waters of the salty Adriatic Sea and stunning environment. For many years, the palm of the cleanest beaches hold Dubrovnik resorts, Rovinj, Istria and Opatija.

The resort Opatija

Opatija – one of the most expensive and fashionable resorts in Croatia. Here it is not only the entire range of tourist pleasures and luxury boutiques of world brands. It has a modern architecture and style. In the summer season are held art exhibitions in Croatia lesser-known artists.

One of the most accessible and popular activities is scuba diving! The fact that the quiet and clear waters of the Adriatic Sea – the perfect place for this sport. Most resorts offer to teach you, and even spend an underwater photo shoot. At the moment, we have already chosen the best location for a memorable diving. I think everyone will want to explore the riches of the watery world of Croatia.

Resorts in Croatia
An interesting and useful information about the Croatian resorts. We found out the features of each resort and choose the best of what you can do, where to rest and how to have fun on vacation.
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Date Published: 03/03/2016

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