Resorts in the Azores

Resorts in the Azores

In the center of the Atlantic Ocean located Azores archipelago consisting of nine islands. It is a quiet, calm, leisurely place for those who want to get away from the urban hustle and bustle, to fill life with new experiences.

Azores - shore

The beauty of the Azores are striking in their diversity palette – bright green hills interspersed with black volcanic lava of cooled, azure sea and blue lakes, exotic flowers and a variety of shades of golden sand beaches.

Vacationing in the Azores pleased by the fact that there is not a luxury five-star hotels and mad night discos, which are found everywhere in the resort towns. The focus is primarily on eco-tourism. There really can relax body and soul, to be alone with nature, listening to her breathing.

The indigenous population of the islands – friendly nice people, not spoiled by rampant urbanization of the modern world. Thanks to their hospitality, your stay surrounded by comfort and pleasant trifles.

Azores - a quiet haven

As is known, the islands were formed from ancient volcanoes, and therefore the main attraction here is their ancient craters. The largest of them – Sete Sidades San Miguel island, surrounded by several blue lakes.

On Grasoze island is famous sulfur cave at the bottom of which is an underground lake with clean water. On the island of Terceira also has a cave with a lake, but its peculiarity is that it is a lava tube, which was formed due to volcanic eruption. Stalactites and stalagmites in a cave equipped with special lighting, thanks to which the present feel trapped in a beautiful fairy tale.

For all islands of the archipelago are scattered ancient cathedrals, churches, forts, palaces and mansions, which despite its antiquity, kept in a proper manner and attract many lovers of antiquity. Many of them declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Azores - sulfuric cave

Pico Island is famous for its coastal waters, teeming with life. This is a great place for diving. Here are some rare specimens of marine life – barracudas, parrot fish, gray trigger fish needle, and you can watch the dolphins and whales.

Most of the beaches covered with lava. For those who like to lie on the sand fit Faial island, San Miguel and Santa Maria. Between the islands cruising ships as a means of public transport. On the islands you can travel by bus or taking a rental car or a scooter.

Restaurants on the resorts surprise local cuisine – meat, baked in the lava of the volcano, stewed octopus in red wine sauce pork and turnips. A great place to take the menu Aboriginal cheese and pineapple. They are happy to take visitors.

The climate in the Azores is soft, warm throughout the year, so it is impossible to make a mistake in choosing the time for tours.

Resorts in the Azores
Azores - resorts, attractions, eco tourism, diving, fishing in the Azores. The largest of the islands - Sete Sidades San Miguel island, surrounded by several blue lakes. Article resorts in the Azores.
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