Resorts in the Cayman Islands

Resorts in the Cayman Islands

British Cayman Islands archipelago consists of three main islands – Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman, and a few dozen of uninhabited reefs and islands in the northwest of Caribbean Sea. The total area of the Cayman Islands occupies 262 square kilometers. Georgetown is the capital and main port of the state on Grand Cayman.


Resorts in the Cayman Islands – this is unusual exotics, with an extraordinary beautiful nature. Well-groomed parks smoothly go in the virgin jungle. The beaches – some of the best in the world, and the water is clear and deep almost at the coast.

Thanks to its warm climate, resorts of Cayman Islands attract tourists all year round. The average summer temperature is around 30 degrees, in winter it never drops below 15 degrees. Especially among tourists there are a lot of fans of diving and fishing enthusiasts.

The most favorable period for visiting the resorts in the Cayman Islands is from December till April. But, if you go to the resort at this time – be aware that the accumulation of tourists on the islands will be maximized and increased prices. If you choose the summer for a holiday in the Cayman Islands, it should be noted that during this period are the cases of rains and even storms, but the prices of services are much lower.

The island was opened in 1503 by Christopher Columbus, and only in 1670 the Caymans became the property of the British Crown. The islands are full of tropical greenery, fragrant scents of flowers and singing birds. There is almost no crime and a wonderful climate and magnificent reefs make this area one of the best in the world for tourism, surfing, scuba diving and sailing.

storm in the Cayman Islands

The capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town is the modern city. Its historic center has remained intact since the 18th century. The buildings are constructed of coral blocks. New buildings have been created from modern materials. Every day, thousands of tourists go for a walk around the city, go shopping, where you can buy everything – jewelry, Cuban cigars and advanced electronics. The oldest building in Georgetown, which is already more than a hundred and fifty years old, throughout its existence, has been equipped by the court, a prison, a dance hall, and even a temple. Currently, it is the National Museum of the Cayman Islands.

To attractions of Georgetown refers Cardinal Park located on the street Courts Road, there are collected different species of flora and fauna which common on the islands. Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum – a kind of mixture of modern technology and old times – here a special cybernetic guide will tell you about the past of the Cayman Islands.

Street Cardinal Avenue – is a paradise for shopaholics – there are lots of shops in which trade is duty-free, and therefore prices are considerably lower. Art lovers will be interested in visiting the National Gallery with works by local and international artists.

inhabitant of the Cayman Islands

For better understanding the real life of the indigenous population, you can visit the spa of Bodden town, North Side, Savannah and East End. Near the Bodden are the Pirates Caves, where according to legend, is hidden “gold Drake.” Numerous tourists daily scour every corner of the caves in search of the coveted treasure, and the owners periodically warmed their interest, tossing a coin of ancient coinage in different areas.

In the east of the island of Grand Cayman Resort is a botanical park of Queen Elizabeth II, which contains hundreds of species of plants. There are lots of trees and shrubs and flowering orchids, among which are difficult to see colorful parrots and iguanas. Through the center of the lake lies the five-kilometer trail which is stretching through the ancient relict forests.

Lovers of the exotic can also visit the unique turtle farm which in addition delivers delicacy turtle meat and also engages by restoration of populations of turtles in the wild nature and producing annually into the ocean thousands of seashells.

Turtle farm

Resort on the Island Little Cayman

Here you can seclude in the bosom of virgin nature away from the city noise. The island also attracts fans of active rest. Little Cayman is covered with mangroves in the shade of which live many species of birds. Excellent diving sites are equipped for diving into the water and rest at the beach. In the south-west of the island and on the rock Bluff on the north-east there are lighthouses from which you can enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the azure Caribbean Sea.

Resort Island Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is known for its “Gardens of Christopher Columbus’, as well as National Park of parrots, where grow amazing exotic plants which do not found anywhere else on the planet. Located on Cayman Brac mysterious caves attract tourists with its romantic and tragic stories about treasures and pirates.


Water clarity in the Cayman Islands resorts is the best in the Caribbean – visibility under water is at least thirty-six meters even during the rainy season. Flooded pirate ships, lush marine life attracts many underwater travelers. Very comfortable and equipped for diving are Sea Feather Bay, Stake Bay, Cathead Bay, North East Bay, Bambi Bay, Cedar Point, Crowley Bay, White Bay, Deep Well and Blow Choles. Especially for the creation of an artificial reef to attract more and more divers on the northwest coast of the island in 1996 there was sunk the destroyer “Captain Keith Tibbetts”.

sunken destroyer


The largest number of beaches is on the island resort of Grand Cayman. Chief among them – is the beach of Seven Mile Beach. Excellent conditions for recreation and any water sports have made it the most popular beach among tourists.

To the north of Seven Mile Beach (beach 7 miles long) is another great place for beach holidays and snorkeling – West Bay Cemetery. In this area there are Trinity Caves with mysterious underwater caves and canyons.

In the east of the island resort are located beaches which are unfamiliar for many with black sand Collier Bay and Lower New York Bay, Spotter Point and East Point. The resort area Rum Point is located in the south and is known for its excursions to the beautiful coral reefs Nord-Wall where inhabit a lot of sea turtles, stingrays and barracudas.

A peculiar attraction of the island resort is Stingray Sandbar where in the shallow water are swirling flocks of three-meter stingrays – they are so used to human society, that they are not aggressive and eat pieces of fish straight from the hands. And not far from here, in the Bay of Water Reef you can swim among huge colonies of sea stars.

Small Cayman’s best beaches are located on the east of the island – the coast of the Owen Island in the Gulf South Hole Sound. On The island resort of Cayman Brac there are practically no beaches, its shores – are the cliffs which hang over the water. The area of the island is covered with orchids, cacti and fruit trees. So, the movement is difficult because of lush vegetation of the island. The eastern shore of the island is a rock which is turning into the underwater grottoes and caves, boulders and numerous mini-canyons.

Pirate ship

Cayman Islands are like a paradise both for natives and for tourists. There is no crime, no unemployment; per capital income is the largest in the Caribbean. There is developed banking system ranked fifth in the world, real estate is very expensive, despite the fact that demand for it is always there. Owners of mansions pay back the investmentsquickly, renting them out to wealthy tourists. If you want to get a citizenship in the Cayman Islands, then you have to be the owner of real estate in the amount of not less than two hundred thousand dollars.

Having rest on Cayman Islands resorts is attractive for its modern entertainment industry, gorgeous beaches and developed structure. And economic and political stability, small taxes can be a good motivation for the acquisition of real estate on the islands.

Resorts in the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands - attractions, exotic nature, beaches, climate. What to see and do in the resorts of the Cayman Islands.
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