Resorts of Russia

Resorts of Russia

Russia includes in its territory of the city, which are a valuable source of positive, health and energy. Preventive procedures, mud baths, beach and the mountains of Sochi, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Essentuki. Country has something to show off to visitors, there is something to please their residents.

Holiday village – Solokh-Aul

Another Russian resort – is a small village called Solokh-Aul. This area is known for its tea plantations, as well as rocky shores Shahe River. The village is part of Sochi and is located in the hills above Dagomys.

Solokh-Aul Solokh-Aul famous scenic gorges, healing spring water around the monastery the monks of Holy Cross deserts, as well as the museum of Russian tea. Back in the early 20th century brought here first tea seedlings Judas Koshman from Georgia. If you go in the direction of the village on the road between the rocky spurs of the Shah, it is possible to stumble upon several natural viewing platforms, a beautiful view of the peaks of the North Caucasus.

Resort Russia – Essentuki

In the center of yet another Russian resort called Essentuki, mud baths is Semashko. The unique architecture of the building allowed the wellness complex to win the title of one of the most beautiful buildings of sanatorium type in Europe. Next to the mud baths located city park in clinic offering preventive and curative treatments with mud from the lake bottom sediments Tambukansky.

Essentuki Semashko Semashko hospital was built in 1913 on the order of Emperor Nicholas. Over the 98 years of its existence it has survived two world wars and the revolution, here implemented the best technology mud. Today, the facade of the building and its interior renovated, it employs the best doctors, and a set of procedures proposed for each patient individually.

Resort Russia – Tuapse

One of the most amazing resorts in Russia is Tuapse. People come here to relax on the Black Sea coast at the pebble beach and beyond. The city is located in a place of convergence of two rivers: Spider and Tuapse, so got its name. Maritime valley is covered with mountain ranges and subtropical forests, where the mild climate and the perfect place to relax. Tuapse be called a paradise due to weather conditions and landscapes.

Tuapse Resort A unique feature of the Russian resort of Tuapse are honey caves, where the walls are located directly on the products of bee labors. Scientists are still studying this phenomenon and why this place was chosen by the bees for their activities. Tuapse is famous for its plane-tree avenues, parks, beaches and waterfalls. The resort has a number of resorts, a little distant from the city. Mineral springs, fresh mountain air, pine trees and the sea – all it has to relax and rest.

Resort Russia – Crimea

If we talk about the place in Russia, where the climate is so warm that up to late fall you can swim in the sea and sunbathing, it is, of course, the Crimean peninsula. It is here that every city is thus resort, where everything is prepared for the meeting welcoming of tourists every year. Yalta, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Bakhchisarai – each of these cities is famous and rich history and culture, and a huge number of sanatoriums and boarding houses, beautiful beaches and a host of other entertainment.

Yalta Crimea When talking about the Crimea, the first thing that comes to mind is Yalta. The city is considered the sea gate of the Southern coast of Crimea, and is one of the international ports. Back in the 18th century Russian aristocracy was vacationing at a resort in Yalta, and today is full of life, developed tourist infrastructure, the city is considered one of the most picturesque and Russia and the world’s most exciting resorts. From Yalta can easily be reached in these seaside villages like Simeiz, Miskhor, Gurzuf, Alupka.

Resort Simeiz Attractions Yalta resort, Nikita Botanical garden, Massandra and Livadia palaces, Glade of fairy tales – but it’s not all famous places and buildings that can be called a business card of Yalta. There are growing cypresses, palms stretched Crimean mountains and a wonderful warm climate allows you to stay at this resort Russia from early spring to late autumn. In Yalta, there are also beautiful water park, where you can have a great time riding the water slides. Here, in the city of the Crimean resort attracts a lot of foreign and domestic stars, organized concerts, shows.

Crimean Bakhchisaray

Another well-known resort city of Crimea is Bakhchisarai. Previously, the city was the capital of the Crimean Khanate, and today it is a small tourist town in which they live less than 30 thousand inhabitants. One of the most famous attractions is the Russian resort of Bakhchisarai Palace Khan-Sarai, where is the famous fountain of tears. The palace was once the residence of tribal dynasty Geraev, today it is visited by tourists, it is considered a sacred place of the Crimea, a historical reminder, which reminds us of the past and serves as a piece of that era that remain in the present and reminds the contemporaries of the resort with the fate of its base.

Bakhchisaray resort Here it is one of the many and the Crimean cave towns of Calais and Saint-Assumption cave monastery. Old Bakhchisaray attracts tourists with its narrow streets, low, almost fairy-tale, houses, slender poplars and minarets, the magnificent array of mountains. It is in this part of town resort preserved medieval oriental flavor, with its palaces, museums, fountains…

Resorts of Russia
Caucasus mountains and picturesque canyons, mild climate and pebble beaches, forests, plains and waterfalls - all this as if in an exotic country can be found at Russian resorts.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016

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