Sights of Abu Dhabi

Sights of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – the capital and one of the biggest cities of the United Arab Emirates. It is known that the city is also the trade capital and the main business center of the country. However there is a set of interesting sights and popular tourist places. In the United Arab Emirates before the tourist a unique opportunity own eyes opens to see a country pearl, the up-to-date city in the middle of the fruitless desert – the capital of Abu Dhabi. We will acquaint you only with the most known and really interesting sights.

The palace Al Hosn (A white fort) – historical sight of Abu Dhabi

Sight of Abu Dhabi

This sight is one of the oldest structures of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The palace was built in 1793 and Abu Falla was used as the official residence of the former ruling dynasty of sheikhs. The sight Al Hosn in the people is better known as “A white fort”. This results from the fact that outside the palace is completely painted in white color. It is interesting to know that it never white was, it was painted only during restoration in 1983. After that it became more attractive to tourists and residents of Abu Dhabi. Today, in the territory of sight the center of researches and documentation was located, and also the Cultural fund Abu Dhabi works. I recommend to visit the palace Al Hosn, only here you will be able to see such Arab wealth and to visit fascinating thematic exhibitions.

How there live bedouins in Abu Dhabi? You will be answered in sight of “Heritage Village”

This amazing place is one of the most interesting United Arab Emirates in the capital. “Heritage Village” in translation is meant by the “ethnographic village”. It completely displays a traditional way of life and life of bedouins. Here enjoys the greatest popularity so-called “Kornish” – the street for walks. Generally tourists go only there as the street is located along all village. Guests of Abu Dhabi take great pleasure, beholding as bedouins put the tents, work in workshops, buy and sell goods, without paying attention to curious tourists at all. It creates the atmosphere of ancient settlements which live and work under all laws of that time.

“The world of Ferrari” in Abu Dhabi – improbable sight

The world of Ferrari - Abu Dhabi

In November, 2010 on the island Yas (30 minutes of driving from the capital of the United Arab Emirates) the next architectural miracle opened. The world’s largest covered amusement park “the World of Ferrari” became it. Pride of park is the biggest gallery of Ferrari outside headquarters in Marinello (Italy). All wishing to go here, the magic expects thematic 4D movies, and also a set of various simulators for increase of own level in art of driving of Ferrari. The huge red dome of a roof of sight has unique structure and futuristic design. This decision so was pleasant to experts that “the World of Ferrari” was nominated several times for architectural awards. This surprising construction of Abu Dhabi is ideally created for rest and entertainments. Besides, in all territory of it of “an architectural miracle” 6 restaurants are located.

Watchtower – historical sight of Abu Dhabi

This architectural monument is located in the small village of Hatta near the capital. The tower has rich and bright 200-year history, however not it became the reason of its huge popularity among tourists. The matter is that it is constructed at top of the high rock with which the fantastic view of Abu Dhabi opens. From the highest point of sight adjacent vicinities it is visible clearly, and the capital of the United Arab Emirates seems a small town. You can visit this remarkable place absolutely free of charge from 10:00 till 18:00 daily. Surely take with yourself the camera.

The Al Manhal palace – unique sight of Abu Dhabi

Al Manhal. Abu Dhabi

The monument is located in the center of the capital. The big palace is surrounded the whole 66 hectares of green plantings. Once in this palace there lived the former governor of the United Arab Emirates, however at present the construction needs under repair. The surprising project of future structure which is planned to be ended till 2030 is already approved. For now Al Manhal can brag of fine park in the Abu Dhabi center and hundreds of visitors daily. Surely visit this sight, at least in order that it is good to have a rest.

Abu Dhabi

Tourists are simply obliged to know that working week in the United Arab Emirates official begins on Sunday and comes to an end on Thursday. The state departments and jars are opened from 8 in the morning to 4-5 o’clock in the evening. Friday – sacred day when it is impossible to buy/sell and in general to go marketing or on shops. If you for a short time arrived to Abu Dhabi, then try to plan reasonably the round on sights, excepting Friday.

One of the most unusual phenomena in the capital the Emirate is hot water from under the crane with cold. That is in summer months water heats up in a water supply system! By the way, such water safe for drink, however it is desirable for tourists to drink from bottles.

Sights of Abu Dhabi
In our today's article everything that the tourist needs to know for carefree and easy studying of sights of Abu Dhabi is collected.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016

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