Sights of Bangkok

Sights of Bangkok_

Bangkok – the capital and the main tourist center of Thailand. This city can be characterized only two words: exotic and atmosphere. Exotic is the first that will come to mind to the tourist when he feels aromas of Thai cuisine and will see natural beauty. The atmosphere is a combination of Buddhist culture and chaos of the Asian city. All this together creates inexpressible feelings and special mood on all rest.

National museum of Bangkok

National museum of Bangkok

This sight has unique collections of works of art. The majority of exhibits represent the Thai culture during the different historical periods. Among tourists exhibitions of jewelry, the weapon and a tremendous collection of traditional craft products enjoy the greatest popularity. The museum consists of system of the constructions dated the XVIII century. The national museum is an integral part of any round on Bangkok.

Sight Vat Pkho. Bangkok

One of the main tourist sights of the capital of Thailand is the monastery Vat Pkho. Exactly here world famous Thai massage takes sources. As well as hundreds years ago, the best Thai massage therapists have training here.

However the main tourist trick of resourceful Thais are bowls with unusual coins. After you pay in addition the small sum, to you will suggest to pass to a statue of the lying Buddha. Around this statue small niches where it is necessary to put coins are made. If the quantity of niches and coins in a bowl coincides, then waits for you unearthly happiness and blessing of gods. Such way to entice tourists became the hallmark of Bangkok for a long time.

The royal palace — bright sight of Bangkok

Bangkok. Sight Royal palace

This monument already hundreds of years is cultural heritage of national value. The palace complex represents uniform ensemble from several constructions, however only some buildings are open for tourists. The ancestor of a ruling dynasty Rama I based sight at the end of the XVIII century for the family.

Since then there lived all his successors. Presently here settles down the government organizations. The royal palace of Bangkok will surprise you with splendor and wealth, luxury of apartments and a tremendous facade. You will be able to see royal throne-rooms, huge library and galleries.

Most of all you will be surprised by the fact that the palace follows temple rules of visit, that is you should cover all open parts of a body or to take special trousers and a cape. For overalls for the period of excursion you should give as a deposit a certain sum.

Aquarium — family sight of Bangkok


The next architectural masterpiece of the capital of Thailand is the aquarium, largest in East Asia. It occupies the huge territory and is divided into 7 unique zones. Each zone – a certain habitat for different types of fishes. In total there are about 30 thousand sea inhabitants: from a crab to sea dragons. Unusual passes, glass rooms and tunnels of sight will delight not only your children, but also you. And all fans of extreme sports for certain will like diving with sharks and various exotic fishes! Also there is a gift shop where it is possible to buy various knickknacks which will remind you of this tremendous place. The aquarium of Bangkok is an excellent place for family rest and pleasant pastime.

The ancient City — a miracle of Bangkok

The ancient city — very popular and unusual sight. It is located in several kilometers from the capital, however it does not confuse tourists at all, everyone wants to see Thailand in a miniature! Most of all guests of Bangkok attract tiny figures of the known instructions and tourist places. This institution has the status of the museum, however it so big that you should rent the car to look at least at a half of exhibits. From a set of architectural beauty this sight will surprise you most of all.

Other sights of Bangkok

The floating market

— traditional Sunday congress of dealers, farmers and handicraftsmen in one place. Here you will be able to buy house food, souvenirs, and clothes for kopeks! The market represents a big congestion of wooden floating containers.

The monument to Democracy

— historical sight of Bangkok is also very important component of national consciousness of the Thai people. The memorial is put in honor of the victims of a military coup at the beginning of 20 years of the XX century.

The crocodile farm

– is one of the most known and popular places of the capital of Thailand. Here you will be able to look at bright and cheerful show with participation of the trained crocodiles and will enjoy tasty crocodile soup.

Sights of Bangkok
Bangkok is a fine rest, tremendous landscapes and the Thai exotic. We offer you will get acquainted with all beauty and sights of Bangkok in our article closer.
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Date Published: 03/31/2016

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